Care implementation in neutralizing the risk of waste generated with Covid-19 rapid tests

The Urban Cleaning Service of the Federal District (SLU) implemented a new care process in neutralizing the risk of waste generated with Covid-19 rapid tests, right at the beginning of the disease´s cases registration in Brasilia.

The care begins with the tests collection, where all workers use protective equipments reinforced to those already used in the collection of hospital waste, with strict procedures for the removal of materials, such as the packaging with suitable seals of the plastic bags, containing the infectious residues, which is sent for incineration in a specific power plant. After proper treatment of the material, to decrease the volume and inactivate the microbiological load (viruses and bacterias), at the end of the process, the ashes are sent to a hazardous waste landfill.

In addition to minimizing the risks of spreading the virus, submit 3.d (risks reduction and national and global health risks management) of the SDG 3 (Health and Welfare), the measure finds, as well, support on the SDG 13 (Action Against Global Climate Change), once it tries to check the correct management and give the appropriate destination to the waste before and after the incineration.

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