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Care implementation in neutralizing the risk of waste generated with Covid-19 rapid tests

The Urban Cleaning Service of the Federal District (SLU) implemented a new care process in neutralizing the risk of waste generated with Covid-19 rapid tests, right at the beginning of the disease´s cases registration in Brasilia. The care begins ...

“GDF and Embassies United Against the Covid-19” Campaign

Campaign launched by the Office of Foreign Affairs of the Federal District, in partnership with the Covid-19 Emergency Committee, that aims to mitigate the socialeconomic effects of the disease in Brasilia and surroundings, through the distribution ...

“Woman Opportunity” Program

With the drastic reduction in economic activity caused by the pandemic, informal workers were directly affected socially and economically. According to an UN Women study, released in March 2020, the impact of the crisis would, in fact, be different ...

Government of Brasilia implements actions in line with the UN guidelines to combat the socioeconomic impacts of COVID-19

To combat the devastating socioeconomic dimensions of the crisis with the arrival of the new coronavirus, the UN launched the report “Shared responsibility, global solidarity: responding to the socioeconomic impacts of COVID-19”. In the midst of ...

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