Senior Call Center – an opportunity for seniors not to feel lonely even during social distancing

At this time when restrictive measures are in force, with a goal to reduce the growing prevalence of Covid-19, the introduced measures of social distance have a significant impact on the ways we mutually communicate.


Deterioration of psycho-emotional health, including anxiety, suspense or fear, may increase during this period, especially among seniors. This is due to the fact that seniors are the part of the population most affected by Covid-19 due to various health problems, and the existing security measures pose the greatest risk of social isolation, which can be particularly severe for single seniors.

The Senior Call Center continues to operate in Riga even during an emergency. Seniors are welcome to call 20224913, 25643438 and 29438355 every weekday from 10:00 to 14:00.

Volunteers answer telephone calls, who not only provide practical information on a daily basis about the working hours of Riga municipal institutions or the telephone numbers of these institutions, but often with their welcoming sincerity are important emotional support in moments when the senior has nothing to talk about. In addition, seniors will be offered the opportunity to call back so that seniors do not have to spend their money on the call.

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