Only isolated CVI cases were recorded in Nur-Sultan city in the last three days

“The sanitary and epidemiological situation in the city is under strict control,” the official website of the Nur-Sultan Akimat reports. “222 registered cases of CVI identified 2, 167 contact persons in total. On average, there are 10 contact persons per a CVI case. All contact people are transmitting agents; they have been hospitalized, isolated and examined for CVI in a timely manner. 131 CVI cases were detected in this group, which makes up almost 60% of the total number of CVIs in Nur-Sultan city, ”Saule Kissikova, the Head of the Public Healthcare Department of Nur-Sultan informed today at CCS (Central Communications Service) briefing on the current situation of coronavirus infection in the capital city and on food security measures. At the same time, according to S. Kissikova, overall imported cases amounted to 12%, while local cases – 29%. “Active identification of contact persons reduces the risks of CVI spread in the city, respectively, mitigating the risk of infection of the population. A number of activities have been carried out to ensure the timely provision of medical care to city residents suspected for CVI and to prevent spread, ”she noted. In particular, from April, 2, Public Healthcare Department of the city together with the National Scientific Cardiac Surgery Center JSC organized the Republican Center for Intensive Care and Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation at the infectious in-patient department to provide highly specialized medical care to extremely severe patients with coronavirus infection. The pulmonary hospital for 150 beds was opened in the therapeutic building of the Central Roadside Hospital for treatment of patients with suspected pneumonia and acute respiratory viral infection. Patients with a viral infection are served by ambulance team sand at the observation polyclinic No.2 on 34 Zheltoksan street. “The sanitary and epidemiological situation is under control, only isolated CVI cases have been recorded in the last three days. At present, full-fledged anti-epidemic measures are being carried out; all cases of the disease are investigated with the identification of contact persons and their laboratory examination. In all foci of contact people, disinfection treatments have been carried out not only for apartments but also for entrances and adjacent territories. Public places, playgrounds, and sidewalks are processed as well.” S.Kissikova summarized.

Source: official site of Nur-Sultan city

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