Stricter rules for physical distancing of persons are introduced to limit the spread of Covid-19

In order to minimise the risk of further spread of Covid-19 among Latvian residents, the Government has adopted stricter rules to limit the assembly of people at private and public events and other restrictions. Restrictions regarding physical contact apply to public indoor and outdoor activities and lay down the rules in respect of a distance of two metres and two persons.

During an emergency situation, any private arrangements are prohibited, other than the holding of funeral ceremonies outdoors, provided that the distance of two metres between persons and other epidemiological safety measures are respected.

The working hours of cultural, entertainment, outdoor sports and other recreational areas has been reduced from 8.00 to 22.00.

As hitherto, any public events, as well as meetings, processions and pickets are banned. Indoor sports activities and religious activities to be carried out when meeting are also prohibited.

There are several new restrictions regarding simultaneous presence of people in one place.  A distance of two metres, as well as other physical distancing and epidemiological safety measures must be observed in all indoor, outdoor public spaces and common areas.

Simultaneous assembly in public indoor and outdoor areas,  without respecting a distance of two meters, may be allowed for not more than two persons. Exception applies to persons living in the same household or a parent and his/her minor children, if they do not live in the same household. More than two persons may assemble in cases where they preform work or official duties.

The number of persons defined in the order of the Minister for Economics may be simultaneously present at a trading venue and public catering venue, while ensuring that a distance of two metres and other epidemiological safety measures are taken. The Government tasked the Minister for Economics to specify the number of persons who may be simultaneously present in the trading venue and catering venue.

It has been further laid down that press kiosks, vaccination cabinets and dry cleaners will also be open in all shopping centres on weekends and holidays by ensuring physical distancing.

Supplies of medicinal products, medical devices, personal protective equipment and disinfectants will be primarily ensured for national purposes.

The Minister for Defence will decide on the provision of support by the National Armed Forces to the State Border Guard and the State Police, as well as the civil protection system, by evaluating the impact of the request made by the institution on the performance of the direct tasks of the National Armed Forces.

For the purposes of conducting an epidemiological investigation and verifying the veracity of information on movement provided by a person and upon the request of the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, the State Police will have the right to request information from electronic communications operators on specific persons who may have a status of the infected person or contact person.

Persons will be obliged to provide the employer with information regarding his or her state of health, in so far as relevant for the performance of work in question.

During an emergency situation, the employer may employ a person without carrying out a mandatory health check, if the provision of health care services,  which are necessary for the performance of a mandatory health check, has been terminated. This will not apply to persons employed in dangerous works where there is high risk of accidents for the worker or bystanders.

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