Foreign students in Riga can apply for a crisis benefit grant during the COVID-19 crisis

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Riga City Council will grant benefits also to foreign students who have remained in Latvia, who study remotely and who do not have the means to provide basic needs.

Only those foreign students who, due to an emergency situation, are unable to provide for their basic needs and whose declared place of residence is in the territory of Riga municipality can remotely turn to the Riga Social Service for assistance. The amount of crisis benefit is EUR 128.00 per person.

In order to be eligible for the crisis benefit, a foreign student, like other residents of the municipality, has to prepare a written application in the official state language (Latvian) describing the situation related to the declared emergency situation during the spread of Covid-19 and attach documents, which confirm the occurrence of a crisis situation, as well as gives the evidence that it is not possible to solve financial difficulties with other resources.

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