Sanitation work and waste collection in Budapest

Waste collection and transportation, as well as sanitation work in Budapest is an important public health service, which is continuously provided by FKF Metropolitan Public Area Maintenance Plc.

The company’s vehicles leave in the morning as usual to collect all the garbage. Our colleagues go out every day to clean the streets and prove their commitment and professionalism by keeping our city clean, even during this public health emergency. With more than 1,400 employees and a total of more than 300 garbage and cleaning vehicles, FKF is working continuously to ensure cleanliness of the public areas in Budapest.

Due to the spread of the coronavirus in Hungary, the company has temporarily suspended its overnight waste disposal services to protect the public and its employees. The collection of mixed waste will continue to operate without any disruption.

In the current situation, it is particularly important that in addition to the efforts of the FKF, the residents of Budapest also assist the company in its day-to-day work by following some simple rules that are particularly important currently. Therefore, the company has launched a public awareness campaign.

It is in our common interest to preserve the cleanliness and health of Budapest.


Metropolitan Public Area Maintenance Plc.

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