Budapest residents can now explore parks and hiking trails with a green map

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There are nearly 860 hectares of nature reserves and many lesser known and used green areas in Budapest, where one can walk or play sports while avoiding the crowds and social distancing. All parks, hiking trails, protected and soon to be protected areas are shown on the map, designed to assist citizens to plan their leisure activites. The green map has been completed while taking into account the specific aspects of environmental protection and the areas closed by the districts. The aim of the map is to encourage citizens to visit green areas close to their neighbourhood, reachable on foot or by bike.
The City of Budapest has issued some helpful tips for visiting public spaces and parks during the pandemic:
  1. If you feel sick do not go to public areas or parks. Stay at home.
  2. Visit green areas close to your neighbourhood which you can reach on foot or by bike. Try to reduce travel distance, let the travel to your destination be a form relaxation and environmentally friendly.
  3. Gather information before you leave and be prepared. Gather information on parks and public areas from the website of the municipality. Be aware that public toilets are closed, and restaurants cannot be visited. Make sure to pack some refreshments.
  4. Maintain a social distance of 2 meters in parks and public areas as well. Go for a walk or a run alone or with someone form the same household. Keep a safe distance while laying on the grass or sitting on a bench.
  5. Do not visit parks and green areas en masse. If you feel like there are too many people in one place, look for another location to relax instead. There are nearly 860 hectares of nature reserves and many lesser known and used green areas in Budapest, where you can walk or play sports while avoiding the crowds.
  6. Avoid group activities. Try doing individual sporting activities or team sports where social distancing can be maintained. Do not participate in organized events attracting large crowds, and do not organize these either.
  7. Do not litter. It is especially important to keep our parks and public areas clean. Do not litter and pay special attention when discarding hazardous waste (use gloves and masks).
  8. Wear a mask while playing sports or on playgrounds. During active sporting it might be hard to keep the proper distance and with rapid breathing the chance of infection is higher. Wearing a mask helps to protect others.
  9. Use hand sanitizers. Make sure to take hand sanitizers with you and use them regularly. When arriving home, immediately wash and disinfect your hands thoroughly.
  10. Protect yourself and others. It is important not to increase the burden on the health care system further. Do not play dangerous sports and avoid dangerous situations that might cause accidents so that you do not end up in a hospital.
  11. Follow the recommendations and bring this to the attention of others. It is our common duty to prevent the spread of the virus and protect each other’s health. Follow the recommendations and regulations of the official authorities and the municipality. If you feel like someone is not cooperating, kindly bring this information to their attention and ask them to follow it.

Our common goal is to protect our natural values and public parks so that we can find pleasure in nature for a long time to come.

Source: Mayor’s Office, BVA

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