259 citizens arrived through Seoul-Ulaanbaatar special flight

At 8:15 PM today, 253 adults and 6 infants arrived in Ulaanbaatar from Seoul through special charter flight of MIAT Mongolian Airlines, according to decisions of the Government of Mongolia and State Emergency Commission.

The passengers were tested and resulted negative to Coronavirus in South Korea. Essential medical diagnostics and equipment were also transported through the flight.

D.Bayarbold, Head of the sanitary inspection department of the General Agency for Specialized Inspection, reported 12 passengers will be taken to the NCCD, 24 passengers will be delivered to the Military central hospital, and other passengers will be isolated in 21 days in other sites. The luggage will be sanitized and distributed later on.

N.Batchimeg, Chief inspector at Buyant-Ukhaa Border’s Infection and Protection Department, reported “Our inspectors work all special chartered flights and 2 inspectors and 1 doctor from NCCD were on duty at this flight. 9 citizens with symptoms and their 14 guardians included in the passengers”.


Ulaanbaatar /02 April 2020/

source: www.mongolia.gogo.mn

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