COVID-19 Measures of the City of Beijing [Health Management Tightened Over Overseas Arrivals]

Health Management Tightened Over Overseas Arrivals

To guard against the importation of the COVID-19 virus caused by its accelerated spread overseas, Beijing Municipal Government will take the following measures to further tighten management over people arriving in Beijing from overseas:

1. Starting from Zero O’clock, March 19, all people arriving in Beijing from overseas should undergo 14-day quarantine at designated facilities at their own expense.

After rigorous assessment and screening, people aged 70 and above, minors aged 14 and below, pregnant women and those with underlying conditions who are not suitable for quarantine at designated places may stay at home for observation.

Home observation is no longer applicable for those who have places to live alone in Beijing.

2. Those who meet the criteria for home observation should apply for such observation to their residential communities prior to entering China. Those who fail to submit application in advance or whose applications have not been approved will be sent to designated places for observation. If confirmed by assessment as being eligible for home observation, they will be placed under home observation for 14 days, which include the days spent at designated places.

3. Those who arrive in Beijing after entering China from other point of entry should report their schedule in advance to their employers and residential communities. Upon arrival at their communities, they should voluntarily and truthfully provide relevant information and comply with control measures over overseas arrivals. One who conceals the history of overseas travel or residence will be held accountable in accordance with the law.

Source: Office of the Beijing Municipal Leading Group for COVID-19 Prevention and Control

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