COVID-19 Measures of the City of Beijing [A Decision on NCP Prevention and Control Adopted by Beijing]

A Decision on NCP Prevention and Control Adopted by Beijing Municipal People’s Congress

The Standing Committee of Beijing Municipal People’s Congress adopted a decision on novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) prevention and control in accordance with law on February 7, which came into force on the same day.

It spells out the rights, obligations and legal responsibilities of all those involved in the city’s NCP control efforts.

I. The government should take NCP control measures in accordance with law.

1. City and district governments may, pursuant to law, restrict or ban public gatherings, stop or restrict the use of some venues, and impose quarantine measures on public transport;

2. When necessary, the government may temporarily expropriate venues, buildings, vehicles, relevant facilities and equipment, and   mobilize personnel or reserve resources on an urgent basis.

II. Enterprises and institutions should fulfill their due responsibilities in NCP control.

1. Put in place an accountability mechanism and a system of management for NCP control;

2. Ensure the use of essential protective gears and facilities and strengthen the monitoring of health conditions of the staff;

3. Require those who have returned to Beijing from seriously infected areas to follow relevant government rules and place themselves under medical observation or home observation; promptly report people with abnormal conditions and take precautions accordingly.

III. Individuals should fulfill their legal obligations for NCP control in compliance with law.

1. Individuals who live, work, study, travel, and engage in other activities in Beijing must truthfully comply, cooperate, and assist with NCP control measures such as inquiry, inspection, and quarantine in compliance with law.

2. Individuals who have symptoms like fever, fatigue, and dry cough, should go to a fever clinic immediately and avoid taking public transportation.

3. Individuals returning to Beijing from seriously infected areas should place themselves under medical observation or home observation in compliance with relevant government regulations, voluntarily report their health conditions, and accept relevant management.

4. People should acquire knowledge on precautions, strictly follow the rules of wearing masks in public places, reduce outdoor activities, and refrain from attending parties or gatherings.

5. People should maintain public sanitation and keep good personal hygiene and do not eat game meats that are prohibited by laws and regulations;

6. Do not create, believe in or spread rumors.

Source: Decision of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress on NCP Prevention and Control

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