COVID-19 Measures of the City of Beijing [Beijing’s Announcement on NCP Control in Communities]

Beijing issued on February 9 an Announcement on Further Strengthening Prevention and Control of NCP Epidemic in Communities.

1. Residential communities shall adopt closed management by setting up checkpoints at the entrance and exit. Residents and their vehicles should be registered and passes are required when they enter or exit. All personnel should wear masks and have their body temperature checked when entering. Express deliveries and takeaway food should be sent to designated areas for recipients to pick up. In principle, non-resident personnel and vehicles are not allowed to enter; in special cases, they might go in, but they have to register with the community management.

2. People from other provinces should inform local community management of their health conditions and personal information on the day of their arrival in Beijing. People who came from seriously infected areas or had contact with someone from these areas within 14 days prior to their arrival in Beijing should go through medical observation or home observation as required by government regulations, and should not go out under any circumstances during observation.

3. People who have close contact with the infected must comply with medical observation, and those who refuse to cooperate are subject to mandatory measures taken by public security organs according to law. Those who violate public security regulations by rejecting medical observation or other prevention measures like home quarantine will be seriously penalized in accordance with law, or even prosecuted if a crime is constituted.

4. Communities should suspend all nonessential public recreational, cultural and sports venues, as well as all furnishing and renovation projects.

5. Residents must strictly follow the rule of wearing a mask in public places, minimize outdoor activities, and refrain from going to parties and group activities.

Source: Announcement on Further Strengthening Prevention and Control of NCP Epidemic in Communities by the General Office of the Beijing Municipal Leading Group on NCP Prevention and Control

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