18 types of businesses to remain closed in Ulaanbaatar amid pandemic

Starting today, January 11, 2021, the public emergency readiness or strict lockdown in Ulaanbaatar city has been lifted to transition back into the heightened state of readiness same as remaining parts of the country in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 and contain local transmission.

In particular, the capital city had been placed under the strict lockdown or public emergency readiness from November 11 to December 14, 2020, and again from December 23, 2020 until January 11, 2021.

Concerning the government’s decision to downgrade the strict lockdown regime, Mayor of Ulaanbaatar city D.Sumiyabazar has issued an ordinance on measures to take under the heightened state of readiness regime.

Beginning today, vehicle movement restriction is lifted, and 18 categories of businesses remain closed for an indefinite period of time while others are allowed to resume operations. The ordinance states that all public places must adhere to cleaning and disinfection as well as social distancing guidelines.

The 18 types of businesses not allowed to reopen are as follows,

1. All sales except for food and household goods (for example, clothing, furniture, electronics, textile shops, cosmetics, mobile phone repairs and sales)

2. Public events, gatherings, demonstrations, competitions, weddings, receptions)

3. All types of bars and clubs

4. Trade fairs and exhibitions

5. Online gaming centers

6. Sport events (for example, ski resorts, fitness centers, dance and yoga studios)

7. Saunas and swimming pools

8. Religious activities

9. Cultural performances and entertainment places

10. Hair and beauty salons

11. Massage and relaxation centers

12. Resorts and tourist camps, hotels and inns

13. Street booths and fast service centers

14. Mobile food trucks

15. Public showers

16. On-call home cleaning services

17. Video recording

18. Classroom and vocational trainings for more than five persons

Deputy Governor of Ulaanbaatar city J.Sandagsuren has informed that a decision on whether to reopen some types of services, such as hair salons, public showers and non-food sales will be made only after a week into the heightened state of readiness regime, depending on the COVID-19 situation in the city. Also, the National Park, a popular urban park in Ulaanbaatar city is reopening today.

The ordinance also advises all local administration organizations in the capital city to maintain regular operations while having only up to 30 percent of total employees present at the work location and enabling remote work for other employees.

For active tracking of public movement, citizens are required to scan QR codes using Ebarimt mobile application, designed for VAT-refund system, or fill in forms asking for their personal information and have body temperature checked to gain permission to public places.



Ulaanbaatar /11 January 2021/

source: www.montsame.mn

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