Bishkek Mayor’s Office is concerned about the Epidemiological Situation

Monday. The heads of city services and structural divisions of the metropolitan mayor’s office gather for a weekly traditional planning meeting.

We discussed the epidemiological situation in the capital and assessed the city’s readiness for an increase in the number of sick citizens.

First Vice Mayor Almaz Baketayev said that more than 115 million soms were spent from the city budget to fight COVID-19. He instructed the services to formulate a clear plan to optimize the costs.

As of October 19, 19 030 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and community-acquired pneumonia were registered in the capital, of which 73 cases were detected in the last day, and 780 cases since 19 days of October.

The Emergency Medicine Center reported that over the past day, 438 people asked for the ambulance help, 359 visits were made, 232 citizens received advice by phone, 89 people were hospitalized, of which 3 cases were COVID-19, and 14 people with pneumonia.

Since October 10, the self-diagnostics hotline has been resumed – 118, 8 lines, two for each district, are operating. In just 8 days, 735 calls were received, of which 421 were COVID-19 calls.

The vice-mayor of the capital for social policy Viktoria Mozgacheva said that if the epidemiological situation deteriorates, 26 day hospitals are ready for 1,450 beds, she also noted that this time patients with covid-19 have a milder disease, for example, 10 people were hospitalized, although 73 people were sick.

The chief sanitary doctor Kuban Kundashev informed that according to the calculations of epidemiologists, 50-55% of the capital’s residents have already been ill.

It should be noted that in September the Central State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service received 27 thousand doses of the Russian-made “Grippol Plus” influenza vaccine. In October, 35 thousand vaccines were received.

Vaccination against ARVI is carried out free of charge among health workers, children and employees of orphanages, boarding schools, homes for the elderly and disabled, as well as citizens with chronic diseases of the lungs, heart, liver, diabetes, obesity. Influenza vaccinations are also given to frequently ill children, pregnant women and people over 65 years of age.

You can get vaccinated on a paid basis in private medical centers that have a license.

First Vice-Mayor A. Baketayev suggested hanging portraits of people who died from COVID-19 in the salons of buses, trolley buses and minibuses, since no one wants to comply with sanitary standards.

The head of the city transport department (CTD) Satybaldy Khakimov said that mobile brigades consisting of employees of the CTD, PPS, CSSES, and the Ministry of Transport resumed sanitary inspections.

Dear citizens! The epidemiological situation in the capital is tense, there is an increase in the number of cases. Please take care of yourself and your loved ones! We kindly ask you to take responsibility for protecting your health. Remember to wear masks, sanitize your hands, and practice social distance. These three simple steps can protect you from COVID-19. Be careful, the pandemic is not over yet…

Bishkek – our beloved city!

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