Nur-Sultan: 30 days quarantine

The capital city of Kazakhstan has been operating under severe restrictive measures for one month. The safety of citizens is protected by guardians of law and order and military men. Medical workers, who practically have not seen their relatives for weeks, are on 24-hour-duty, saving lives. The Operational Headquarters coordinates all work against the CVI from the first days. One month has passed since the introduction of quarantine. The first case of CVI infection in Kazakhstan was registered on March 13. The state of emergency was declared in Nur-Sultan city on March 16. The state immediately responded to the dangerous challenges of time. As the international experience shows, severe restrictive measures and control are the only correct actions in this situation. The Operational Headquarters to counteract the spread of coronavirus infection was immediately set up at Nur-Sultan city Akimat. The quarantine regime has been strengthened since March 30. The exit of citizens from home is limited, except for the purchase of food and medicine, and travelling to work for those with permitted working activities. Public gathering places were closed. About 30 mobile checkpoints were established on the roads. Almost two thousand city residents were punished for violating the quarantine. More than 800 cars were taken to the parking lot. Particular attention was given to those on the front line in the fight against the invisible enemy. To ensure security and create conditions, medical workers are provided with hotel accommodation, transport and meals. Public gathering places such as social facilities, markets, shopping malls, checkpoints, and others are disinfected daily. About 500 people take part in the disinfection process, biological protection units of the Armed Forces and conscripts also participate in the disinfection process along with the municipal services. In addition, thermal imaging cameras were installed in polyclinics, disinfection tunnels – in hospitals. All these measures allow identifying the infected at an early stage and providing timely medical care. From April, 15 the quarantine regime has been extended till the end of this month.


Source: official site of Nur-Sultan city






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