Large-scale disinfection takes place in Nur-Sultan

Large-scale disinfection works are under way in Nur-Sultan city. Dozens of units of specialized vehicles are employed, including those of the Ministry of Defense, Department of Emergency Situations, and others. Over 500 people, among them military people and conscripts, take part in daily processing of the city territories.  “Since the first days of virus outbreak, we have been carrying out large-scale works to disinfect the entire city. For example, specialized vehicles are employed in the city disinfection; with their help we spray the disinfectant. The height of jet, reaching up to 7 meters, enables to fight against infection much better as the infection also settles on metal structures, trees, etc.” Altynbek Kaissagaliyev, Deputy Akim of the capital city said.  Special attention is given to disinfection of social facilities, markets, bazaars, shopping malls, indoor areas, building entrances and other public gathering places. More than 2,800 houses are under disinfection for the third time. In addition, disinfection is also carried out in the private sector.


Source: official site of Nur-Sultan city

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