NICOSIA TURKISH MUNICIPALITY [NTM Emergency Services Announcement]

Nicosia Turkish Municipality has taken a series of measures to ensure that the city’s services are not disrupted. NTM Building, Parks and Gardens, Public Works, Property, Service to Juniors, Community Kitchen, Disabled Department, Haspolat, Hamitkoy and Nursery Building will not be open and will not serve.

Emergency Services will continue as stated below.
Alo 185 (24 Hours Solution Center):

  • Our Solution Department will serve 7/24 in order to record all the complaints and notices.
  • During this time, we ask for our citizens to call the 185 Solution Center just for an emergency services.

Sewerage Services:

  • The teams will continue the maintenance of the pomp stations routinely.
    Haspolat Waste Water Treatment Plant will continue to accept sewerage truck services.
  • Sewerage services and jet vehicle will be serving actively.

Health Services:

  • Our spraying teams will continue spraying and disinfecting the markets, bakeries, pharmacies which will be open in line with the decision of the minister of councils.
  • These workplaces will be warned to provide our citizens with essential needs such as gloves, masks and disinfection.
  • Care, cleaning and feeding services at the Nicosia Animal shelter and feeding points will continue uninterruptedly.

Municipal Police Services

  • Municipal Police teams will continue their routine inspections.
  • In line with the decision of the Council of Ministers, the workplaces that should be closed and which do not comply will be intervened in cooperation with the Police.
  • Our citizens will be able to make their reports to the Alo 185 Call Center and to the Police.




Cleaning Services

  • In this process, cleaning services will continue intensely. Accordingly, garbage collection will be carried out not only in the evening, but also during the day.
  • We recommend that citizens pack their wastes tightly, taking into account the health of our teams.
  • It is important that the residents take the initiatives and ensure that their living spaces are kept clean and hygienic, and that the cleaning and disinfection of the door handles and handrails in the common areas are done by means of their own togetherness.


Water Services

  • The water flow of residential subscribers whose water flow has been stopped due to their debt will be reopened.
  • In NTM kiosks, the water loading rate of our citizens will be tripled.
  • Our teams will continue to respond to complaints about water eruptions.


Funeral Services


  • As discussed with the Presidency of Religious Affairs, our funeral (burial) services in Nicosia Cemetery will be provided at 10 am.



In line with the new decisions to be taken by the Council of Ministers, the Municipal Services working system will be re-evaluated.

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