Covid Free Nicosia!

The Nicosia Turkish Municipality (LTB) continues to share information with the “Capital Cities’ Alliance Against Covid-19”, founded under the leadership of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, for the common struggle against Covid-19, which surrounds the world and is defined as a pandemic by the World Health Organization.  As of Tuesday, 12 May 2020, there are no positive Covid-19 cases in the country for 24 days.

As a result of the measures taken at central and local level in the country, the citizens living in North Cyprus have stayed at home to a very large extent and kept the risk of transmission to a minimum, no positive cases have been encountered in tests conducted in Northern Cyprus for 24 days. During the 2-month period since 10 March 2020, when Covid-19 was seen in the country, 108 positive cases were detected and 103 people were discharged after their treatment, while 4 patients died.

In parallel with the practices such as the absence of positive cases in the country and increasing the number of tests, two expansion periods covering a large part of the public and private sectors were launched in order to return the economy to normal.

Within the scope of the measures taken, it is a must to wear masks and gloves while entering to public and private businesses, while the use of hand disinfections is also required. In large markets and private enterprises, the body temperature of citizens is measured with a thermometer at the door.

In North Cyprus, there is still a prohibition on entry to the country by sea, land and airway, places such as private and public schools, kindergartens, entertainment venues, theaters, movie theaters will be evaluated during the third opening process.

As a result of the evaluation meetings with experts before the Kovid-19 case started to appear in the country on 10th March, NTM was prepared for the Corona struggle in the country. NTM administration, which is in close consultation with health organizations, has demonstrated a pro-active management style with the work it has done on the field. The disinfection works done in the field, the closure measures taken in areas such as parks, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, and the food aid campaign, social media event sharing, etc., carried out within the framework of the social municipality understanding has made an important contribution to the citizens in Nicosia to stay safe in their homes.

As of 11st May  2020, in the country where life has begun to return to normal in a controlled manner, all the indicators show that “Covid Free Capital City” can be defined for the capital, Nicosia.

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