A REPORT ON ACTIONS TAKEN in Tehran city (part 2)

Report on Measures Taken by the Communication and International Affairs Department on Containing Spread of Coronavirus


Production of Coronavirus-related news stories (multimedia)

Radio, 152 news stories

Television, 97 news stories

Multimedia, 5 news stories



Communication and International Affairs Department

  • Communication of media attachment on the spread of Coronavirus to the municipality in order to manage and direct information dissemination affairs
  • Introducing the head of the Communications and International Affairs Department as the spokesperson for Tehran Municipality
  • Domestic, foreign and international media coverage
  • Communication with the mayors of metropolises of Iran, the world and international communities
  • Communication with the media regarding spread of Coronavirus disease in Tehran
  • Launching a studio special for covering the Nowruz program (Stay at home)
  • Providing IRIB with reports and holding press conferences
  • Broadcasting verbal messages in the subway and Shahrvand chain stores
  • Allocation of nearly 80 percent of the city’s advertising space to Corona prevention education and staying at home hashtags
  • Conducting tours for media persons to visit municipality activities
  • Holding online and in person news conferences and TV interviews
  • Presenting Shahrnevesh programs in collaboration with the Beautification Organization on the spread of Coronavirus
  • Holding online meetings and sessions of the Mayors’ Forum of Iran’s

Metropolises in countering the Coronavirus disease for other countries

  • Public dissemination of information to counter Coronavirus
  • Preparation of phone polls form citizens in collaboration with Hotline 137



Media Content Production

Executive programs of Media Relations Department on Coronavirus disease outbreak in Tehran

As per its intrinsic duty to establish continuous interaction in line with dissemination of information on the activities of the Tehran Municipality and responding to media outlets, Media Relations Department of Media  of the Communication and International Affairs Department of Tehran Municipality has started and continued until now its special activities in this respect from the early hours of the announcement of the coronavirus outbreak on February 20 by conducting visit tours, online and in-person news conferences, coordination of interviews and filming, and continuous communication of media persons with senior municipality directors, the most important of which is highlighted below.


Running Tours for Media Persons to Inspect Activities of Tehran Municipality

1 – Inspection of the disinfection operations of the bus fleet on 3 occasions

2 – Inspection of the disinfection operations of the Tehran subway fleet on 2 occasions

3 – Inspection of the disinfection operations of Tehran Bazaar by firemen of the Fire Department of Tehran Municipality

4 – Inspection of disinfection operations of 18 km of Valiasr Ave

5 – Inspection of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting reporters (IRIB News Agency) of the disinfection stages of Tehran Subway fleet and buses

6 – Inspection of the disinfection operations of passages of District 7 by firemen

7- Inspection of the disinfection operations of bus fleet (at Fayazbakhsh Terminal (in the presence of the Mayor of Tehran)


It must be noted that since the outbreak of the Coronavirus disease up to now, the department has coordinated individual inspection tours, filming and taking pictures of the activities and services of the Municipality of Tehran for more than 120 journalists from domestic and foreign media outlets.

Holding Online and In-Person News Meetings

1 – Holding a press conference in the presence of Mr. Mohammadi, President of the Communications and International Affairs Department on February 22.

2 – TV interview of the Head of the Communications and International Affairs Department

Dr. Mohammadi with visual media (Central News Bureau and Journalists’ Club)

3- Holding an online news conference attended by Messers Karami, Alipour, Mr. Chubinah and Mr. Farjod on March 1.

4- Holding an online news conference with Mr. Malik Hosseini, Amrollahi, Mashadouli, Rad, Zarghami, Shirzad and Ms. Ansari on March 9

5 – Scheduling an online news conference in the presence of Messers Tarfa’, Nobakht, Daneshvar, Karami, Hamzeie and Qanadan on March 11

6- Scheduling an online news conference in the presence of Messers Shahidipour, Mr. Nasrian, Mirpour on March 14

7 – Presence of visual media persons and online news coverage of the inspection tour of Tehran Disaster Mitigation and Management Organization by the members of the World Health Organization

8 – Television interview of Tehran Mayor Dr. Hanachi with visual media persons on March 4

9 – Tehran Mayor Dr. Hanachi’s interview with Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on March 7

10 – Tehran Mayor Dr. Hanachi interview with ISNA News Agency March 7

11 – Coordination and planning done to present performance report of the Municipality administrators in IRIB programs and the mass media



In line with appreciating efforts of the medical staff in the hospitals, banners reading “Iran appreciates you” have been designed and installed on the entrance of the hospitals and other medical centers.


Hospital Location of installation of banners appreciating hospital personnel
Hajar Shahid Beheshti intersection, Valiasr Ave. (Abbas Abad) 1
Shohaday-e Yafteh Abad, Tehran Al-Ghadir Boulevard, Yaftabad, Tehran 2
Firouzabadi, Rey, Tehran Fadaeeyan Eslam Street, adjacent to Shahr-e Rey Sq 3
Firouzgar, Tehran Behafarin St, Valiasr Sq, Tehran 4
Shahid Mehdi Shariat Razavi, Tehran Opposite 1st fighter base, South Mehrabad, Sarasiab 5
Imam Khomeini Hospital, Tehran Keshavarz Blvd, Imam Khomeini Hospital Complex 6
Ziaeeyan, Tehran Opposite District 17 Municipality, Abouzar St. Ghale-morghi St, Qazvin St. 7
Amir Alam Complex, Tehran North Saadi St., Enghelab Ave., Tehran 8
Ayatollah Kashani, Tehran Ba’ath Highway, Khazaneh Bokharaee St., Second Sq., Tehran 9
Be’that, Tehran Takhti intersection, |Afsariyeh, 10
Dr Masih Daneshvari Shahid Bahonar St., Niavaran, Darabad, Tehran, Iran 11
Unknown Martyrs (Shohadaye Gomnam) Azam Nezami Alley, Khavaran St.,  Khorasan Square, Tehran, 12
Torfeh, Tehran Torfeh Medical Center,  opposite Islamic Propagation Organization, Baharestan Ave. 13
Shahid Labafinejad Tehran Bostan 9th, Pasdaran 14
Baqiyatallah (AS), Tehran Sheikh Bahai corner, Mulla Sadra Ave., Vanak Sq, 15
Sarem Phase 3, Ekbatan township 16
Erfan Shahid Bakhshayesh, West Sarv, Sarv Sq., Saadat Abad 17
Jam Fajr Street v(Jam), Mottahari St. 18
Khatamulanbia Rashidi Yasemi, Vanak Sq., Vali-e-Asr St. 19
Dey Tavaresir Ave., Valiasr Ave. 20
Resalat Adjacent to Abouzar GhafariSt, Resalat Highway, Seyed Khandan Bridge 21
Apadana Adjacent to Sepand St., Sepahbod Qarani St. 22
Asia Bucharest Street (Ahmad Qasir) 23
Ibn Sina Opposite  Independence Park, Ayatollah Kashani Blvd 24
Bahman North Iran Zamin Ave., Shahrak-e Gharb, Bahman Hospital 25
Pars Adjacent to Saman Building, Keshavarz Blvd 26
Parsian East Sarv, Kaj Sq., Saadat Abad 27
Pasargad Between Taleghani St. and Enqelab Str., Dr. Shariati St. 28
Pastor No Adjacent to 8th  St., Bucharest St., Abbas Abad Street 29
Milad Adjacen to Chamran Highway Bridge, Hemmat Highway 30
Shahid Hasheminejad Shahid Hasheminejad St., Vanak Sq., Vali Asr St. 31
Baharlou Behdari Sq.,  Anbar Naft St., Railway Stq/ 32
Hadhrat Rasoul (S) Niyayezh St., Sattar Khan St. 33



Publicity and Publications

Office of Deputy of Publicity and Publications of this Center has launched an extensive and continuous measure for advertising over prevention of spread of the Corona disease which comes below:

Design and Production of Info graphics

The Office of the Deputy has developed 35 info graphics of which 31 are about ways of preventing the disease in public places for the citizens and the personnel of the shopping centers and spaces with high traffic and the other four cases are about addresses of the specific health centers for this disease.

Design and Production of Motion Graphics

The Office of the Deputy has developed 20 motion graphics on ways to prevent the Coronavirus in the bus, taxi, metro, Shahrvand stores, fruits and vegetable marketplaces, home quarantine and homeless shelters for broadcast in metro TV sets. Also, 6 other brief motion graphics (30 seconds) have been designed and produced for screening in urban television.

Poster Designing

Some 27 posters have been produced on ways to prevent spread of the disease and on ways to stand Coronavirus stress and have been screened in virtual networks.

Printing and Distributing Information Posters

Printing and distributing more than 15,000 posters on the info graphics about methods to prevent spread of the disease at fruits and vegetable marketplaces, metro, bus and Shahrvand stores.

Screening of Info graphics and Motion Graphics

Screening of over 30 info graphics and motion graphics in city television and TV sets of metro

Joint Cooperation with Health Ministry

Printing and distribution of educational programs of the Health Ministry for prevention of the disease in public spaces as well as screening of the produced motions in city and metro TVs

Thanking Medical Staff

In line with appreciating efforts of the medical staff in the hospitals, banners reading “Iran appreciates you” have been designed and installed on the entrance of the hospitals and other medical centers.

Holding “My Tales and Corona” Contest in Collaboration with Citizenship Educational Directorate General and “Ay Qesseh” Startup

In line with boosting morale of the children during home quarantine and reinforcing ways to cope with the disease in a creative manner, the Office of the Deputy launched an art and literature consent for children with the collaboration of “Ay Qesseh” Startup.

Preparing Reports on Municipality Measures About Corona

Preparing comprehensive report on the performance of all fields affiliated with Tehran Municipality with regard to Corona

Integrating, classifying and authorizing access to the produced educational contents in all districts about Corona and sharing it with all sections for use

Office of Deputy for International Affairs

Report on measures taken by the Office of Deputy for International Affairs on the fight against Corona


Joint Meeting of City Managers with Representatives of World Health Organization (WHO)

A specialized meeting of managers and heads of the five-fold work groups for fight against Coroners was held at Tehran Municipality with the Representatives of World Health Organization.

At the meeting which was hosted by the Tehran City Crisis Prevention and Management Organization of Tehran Municipality, representatives from various municipality sections such as the Industries and Jobs Settlement Organization, the Beautification Organization, Organization for Fruits and Vegetable Marketplaces, Tehran Metro, Healthy City Organization, Fire Department, Bus Company and Taxi Organization, Dr. Karami Mohammadi, head of the Tehran City Crisis Prevention and Management Organization and member in the Command Council of Management of Corona Disease in Metropolitan Tehran first presented a report on measures taken by the five-fold work group of the Headquarters for Fighting against Corona and said the disease will not be wiped out soon in the absence of people’s cooperation, adding that health problems are not confined to a specific country or a nation.

Also speaking at the meeting, Gholamhossein Mohammadi, Tehran Mayor’s Advisor said: “Today diseases are grown in such a way that problems related to them are not confined to a specific city, country or nation.”

He noted: “As you know health issues in the contemporary world are global and do not belong to a specific nation or country.”

The Tehran Mayor’s Advisor further remarked that if an epidemic breaks out in any part of the world, its spread in other parts of the world is probable and cities share the same barricade in fighting the disease.”

He said: “In recent years with the cooperation of various organizations efforts have been made for us to witness increase in the quality of the people’s life and decrease in diseases.”

Mohammadi added: “Today at this meeting, efforts will be made to share experiences related to the fight with Corona and gain a unified instruction in this respect.”

He concluded by saying: “National issues in the field of health should be solved with an international approach and at Tehran Municipality with the same approach we have defined programs that will continue after overpassing the crisis.”

In continuation, Mr. Hamelmann, World Health Organization Representative, delivered a speech on the status of the prevalence of the disease and world progress in the field of controlling the disease.

Environmental Health and Waste Disposal Work Group

Metro Company

  • Allocation of all publicity capacity for dissemination of information and public awareness of Coronavirus;
  • Allocation of Radio Metro program to Corona and receiving content from the Health Ministry;
  • Closure of mother and child rooms and sports hall;
  • Establishment of Secretariat to fight Coronavirus and communicating the following cases: Distribution of masks among train guides and personnel, uploading educational posters in the site of Metro Company, installation of training banners on metro stations, preparation of Corona-related guidelines for colleagues and passengers;
  • Elimination of selling paper tickets to reduce disease transmission;
  • Collecting existing water coolers at the station and installing announcements in this regard;
  • Producing disinfecting instructions for stations and trains separately;
  • Corresponding with metro lines in China and Hong Kong on their experience in fighting the virus in metro lines and the type of disinfectant;
  • Launching Headquarters to Fight Corona with an aim to make unified policy and following up executive measures and preparing the required reports for relevant sources;
  • Holding Corona training course in the operation field in the form of workshop;
  • Preparing Corona-related instructions for colleagues and passengers;
  • Eliminating selling of paper tickets to reduce disease transmission;
  • Collecting existing water coolers at the station and installing announcements in this regard;
  • Producing disinfecting instructions for stations and trains separately;
  • Collecting publicity handles inside train;
  • Training and publishing disinfection methods in stations and trains;
  • Supplying spray devices for disinfecting stations, trains, elevators, escalators, etc.;
  • Supplying required hygiene items (masks, alcohol, gloves, etc.) and distributing the items among company staff;
  • Operating air conditioners in all stations and headquarters venues for fresh air and reducing likelihood of contamination.
  • Closure of stands, food preparing centers and sale of food and beverages at the stations.
  • Establishment of Secretariat to fight Coronavirus and communicating the following cases: Distribution of masks among train guides and personnel, uploading educational posters in the site of Metro Company, installation of educational banners on metro stations


Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company under Tehran Municipality

  • Holding meetings and setting up an Emergency Committee on Preventive Measures to Fight Coronavirus with the presence of senior managers of the Bus Company
  • Allocating all the publicity capacity for dissemination of information and awareness of the citizens about the Coronavirus;
  • Receiving texts of informative messages from the Health Directorate General;
  • Issuing instruction for the installation of LED inside buses as of February 23, 2020;
  • Installation of warning and informative posters in buses as of February 23, 2020;
  • Disinfection of the bus and public transport fleet on daily basis.
  • Training of colleagues in the headquarters and BRT terminals, installation of educational posters in bulletin boards and other appropriate locations in administrative offices and terminals and sending educational messages and disseminating information for colleagues
  • Printing and publication of Publishing 10,000 posters with the topic of knowing Coronavirus and its prevention methods in collaboration with the Health Directorate General of Tehran Municipality as well as the Communications and International Affairs Department of the Municipality
  • Providing items for personal health care required by the company and sending the items to the Health Directorate

Organization of Passenger Terminals and Park & Ride of Tehran Municipality

  • Preparing guidelines and monitoring checklist for fighting Coronavirus in accordance with the guidelines of the Health Ministry
  • Establishing an operational team in the organization for the management of preventive and fighting with the virus
  • Disinfecting surfaces and walls of the public places of the terminals on a regular basis (Sanitary services, prayer rooms, mother and child rooms, passenger waiting halls, etc.)
  • Disinfecting chairs, escalators, playing toys, devices for drinking water, children playing tools, garbage bins, etc. at terminals on regular basis
  • Holding organizational meetings to determine duties of organizations, offices and companies affiliated with Tehran Municipality and those outside the Municipality
  • Holding coordination meetings with the participation of heads and plenipotentiary representatives of organizations affiliated with the Tehran Municipality and those outside the Municipality under the title Technical Executive Work Group for fighting against contagious diseases
  • Coordinating with Tehran Emergency and Law Enforcement Forces in terminals for joint cooperation
  • Holding training classes for the contracting staff and forces of security, services, green space and facilities
  • Distributing protective and hygienic items among employees
  • Installing banners and brochures throughout terminals in order to inform the citizens
  • Regular visits to food selling stands at terminals for disinfecting surfaces, mandatory observance of hygiene and using packed food

Waste Management Organization

  1. Reporting Inter-Organizational Coordination and Cohesion Measures
  • Holding special meeting of the Council of Deputies of the Organization for the Prevention of Coronavirus on the same day
  • Receiving and communicating the minutes of the center for dealing with the spread of Coronavirus to all the departments of the organization
  • Receiving and communicating circulars on control and prevention of Coronavirus
  • Communicating internal circular for the need to avoid unnecessary gatherings, meetings and referrals and expediting dealing with the affairs of the applicants
  1. Reporting measures of the Office of Deputy for Planning and Urban Development (HSE section)
  • Communicating internal directive by the HSE section of the organization to all sections of the Health Ministry and World Health Organization
  • Holding face-to-face training classes in all rooms
  • Implementing personnel hepatitis vaccination
  • Screening specific respiratory, cardiac, liver and kidney diseases and pregnant people and issuing directives for the release of organizational staff
  • Training common human and animal diseases (zoonosis) and Corona
  • Daily distribution of masks and personal protection and daily monitoring and inspection of most sanitary facilities and tea rooms
  • Sending directives of the Health Ministry to the stations and disposal centers
  • Following up periodic examinations
  • Preparing banners and pamphlets and installing in heavy traffic points
  • Following up to obtain health card for food distribution personnel
  • Regular inspection and use of HSE personnel by all contractors
  • Disinfection of the hallways of Salehabad central building by the service unit
  1. Report on Measures Taken by the Process & Prevention Department of Araad Kouh Complex
  • Forcing employers to provide and use personal protective equipment including masks, gloves and uniforms for their personnel and firmly supervise using them
  • Preventing personnel from registering their fingerprints while entering and leaving their workplaces
  • Disinfecting equipment and machineries as well as other washable parts of buildings and their floors at the end of each working shift using spraying machines
  • Training organizational and contracting personnel to minimize the rate of personal contacts among workers. Increasing lime spraying to maximize disinfection of hospital waste
  • Regular distribution of masks among personnel and regular surface sterilization at administrative buildings
  • Demanding to purchase hand sanitizer gels and disinfectants to be used at the entrance of the complex and be distributed among the personnel
  • Excluding high-risk personnel (the old-aged or those susceptible to disease) regarding their medical reports
  • Forcing the employers to provide foodstuff for their personnel that would help strengthen their immune system (including citrus and onion)
  • Forcing the employers to provide personnel’s food from restaurants which are confirmed by Health Department
  • Reducing number of public meetings, as well as tours and trafficking to the complex
  • Improving the air condition and ventilator systems of all buildings of the complex
  • Communicating with Tehran Medical Sciences University and Shahid Beheshti University to discuss controlling and management of hospital waste infected by Corona Virus.


  1. Report on Measures Taken by the Construction and Development Department of the Abali Complex


  • Notifying the Process and Prevention Complex of Abali about approvals of the approvals of the Training, Health and Prevention Department
  • Conducting training courses for the personnel and contracting workers of the Abali Process and Prevention Complex to familiarize them with health improvement methods as well as ways to prevent the fatal virus
  • Measures taken to protect the health condition of workers and preventing as well as protecting them from being infected by the Corona Virus
  • Following up medical examination of personnel by physicians
  • Training face-to-face TBM to every and each personnel of the complex in order to:
  • Observe general and personal hygiene and prevent contacts with those who are suspected to have been diagnosed by the disease
  • Using healthy foods to maximize body immune system and prevent eating rarely cooked meat or eggs
  • Wearing masks and other personal protective equipment and using hand and air sterilizers
  • Repeated hand washing with soap and water
  • Daily cleaning of your residence, bathrooms, water taps and door knobs with disinfectants
  1. Report on Measures Taken by City Services and Automotive Affairs Department of Shoush and Middle Stations
  • Conduction training courses in Saleh-Abad Conference Hall
  • Communicating with Environment Organization regarding the mechanism of landfilling hospital waste infected by Corona Virus
  • Disinfecting middle stations and improving food quality of workers in middle stations
  • Providing personal protective equipment for workers of the stations and monitoring the quality of their use
  • Constant training of workers, laborers, costumers, drivers, weighbridge operators and other agents of all stations
  • Other Preventive Measures



  1. Report on Measures Taken by Office of Deputy for Coordination and Evaluation of Districts Affairs (City Services and Districts’ Recycling Stations)


  • Communicating with districts for providing all necessary hygienic equipment based on instruction of the Health Ministry to prevent spread of Corona Virus
  • Touring city services stations as well as recycling stations of each district and reporting any shortcomings to the related district



Fire Department

  • In person training of the NFSI’s health mentors by teachers of Ministry of Health organized by the Health Department of Tehran Municipality
  • Identification of personnel who were studying at medical sciences courses and training them by skilled health mentors
  • Deployment of trained mentors in different districts to maximize personnel’s health knowledge and prevent spread of the Corona Virus by inspecting every and each of the stations
  • Distribution of related banners and instructions in all operational fields and headquarters
  • Increasing the personnel’s knowledge through visual training courses
  • Training special patients and recommending them to visit a doctor
  • Purchasing and distributing of 2,600 litters of hand sterilizers and 2,600 litters of surface disinfectants to prevent spread of Corona Virus
  • Purchasing and distributing of 2,000 masks and 2,000 gloves
  • Necessary coordination to unify healthcare activities with activities of other parts of the organization
  • Planning for regular inspections of stations and headquarters to assess the status quo and provide necessary trainings to prevent spread of the Corona Virus
  • Two relief workers full time services provided to personnel with suspected symptoms
  • Distribution of detergents and hygienic materials in large scales in all operational fields and headquarters
  • Answering clients’ questions via smart phones
  • Firm implementation of instructions ordered by Tehran Municipality and informing all personnel to follow them as well
  • Draining bleach and firmly inspecting the process of bleach draining to maintain safety observations in the Organization of Prevention and Management of Civil Crisis
  • Purchasing five spraying machines for disinfection, two fogger machines, 2,000 litters of fogger liquid, 300 disposable biological clothes and 60 facial CBRNE


Industries & Jobs Settlement Organization

  1. Measures Taken in Districts and Centers for Birds, Markets and Stands
  • Communication with the 22 Districts on installation of educational banners
  • Installing informative banners and posters at Jannatabad and Hakimiyeh marketplaces, newsstands and flowers and bird centers of east and west and closure of the centers for ornamental birds of east and west and proper dissemination of information to the citizens in this regard, in news agencies and the IRIB, as well as closure of all daily local marketplaces spring fairs.
  1. Measures in educational and research fields
  • Preparing and dispatching instructions and recommendations for the use of our respectful colleagues of the company either through automation system or the cyberspace, regularly and intermittently
  • Corresponding with the Healthy City Company, Health General Department as well as companies introduced for the supply of disinfectant liquids and masks
  • Cancelling in-service training courses for the respectful colleagues of the company and holding virtual training course in cooperation with Education General Department in LMS system
  • Cancelling training courses on urban rules and regulations specific of the guilds applying for issuance or extension of work permit
  • Coordinating with the Health General Department and holding briefing session for the respectful staff of the company
  • Developing appropriate infrastructure for holding distance learning inside the company for all the administrative personnel of the company by using IT applied software
  1. Measures at car dealerships
  • Communicating closure of the four-fold car dealership centers and disseminating proper information in this regard and using the potential of the traffic police on ending days of the week for the implementation of the plan
  • Informing clients through environmental advertisement and installation of banners, loud speakers, verbal notification of the executives to the clients
  • Field visits to car dealerships and identification of processes and hotspots in the affiliate centers for disinfection and antiseptic measure
  • Providing and presenting hand sanitizer for the personnel at centers
  • Disinfecting surfaces, equipment, and existing devices
  • Requiring the staff to put on filtered masks and gloves
  • Using specialized personnel for those responsible for cleaning and asking them to wear masks, gloves, boots and work clothes during cleaning and disinfection
  • Cleaning door handles, stair railings and restrooms constantly and other surfaces such as floors, rooms, hallways, and halls
  1. Measures at CNG stations and guilds townships
  • Installing warning banner at CNG fuel stations
  • Communication instructions on health issues and directives on vehicle refueling by the operators and lack of refueling by the passengers (maximum reduction of hand contact with the nozzles)
  • Corresponding with the management of guilds and services townships on informing the guilds on observance of health issues
  • Corresponding with station owners about not receiving cash money from the users and feasibility study on replacing new technologies
  1. Measures in the field of controlling city animals
  • Implementing hygienic plan and emphasizing on the use of gloves and filtered masks in catching animals live
  • Implementing hygienic plan and emphasizing on the use of gloves and filtered masks in clinical affairs and taking care of a of abandoned dogs at Arad Kouh Waste Center
  • Installing informative posters on the vehicles of the team for catching dogs live as well as on the building on Arad Kouh Center
  • Car fuel station control checklists on Coronavirus virus control, group C including Qaleh Gabri Fuel Station / Shahid Avini Fuel Station / Shoush Fuel Station (Emam l Station (Omid) / Bahman Fuel Station
  • Car fuel station control checklists on Coronavirus virus control, group D, including Abu Zar Fuel Station / Massoudiyeh Fuel Station / Asbdavani Station / Tosca Fuel Station / Pamchal Fuel Station

Beheshte Zahra Organization

  • Preparing and distributing of Latex gloves for all the personnel (on daily basis)
  • Distributing alcoholic pads for disinfection of all boards, mosques, telephone sets, etc. and disinfection of all rooms and restrooms, especially in the diseased complex, twice a day
  • Supply and distributing masks for all personnel (on daily basis) and for the respectful clients and disinfecting their hands in case of referring to administrative buildings and using potentials of advertising tools available at the organization level in order to inform and build culture for the public in the field of fighting Coronavirus for the citizens
  • Screening cultural plans specific of educating preventive ways for Coronavirus in the administrative buildings and public environments and holding briefing sessions for the senior executives of the organization
  • Holding intensive training courses for all the personnel, especially service forces – personnel working in the Diseased Complex and coordinating with the Cultural Deputy Office of Imam Khomeini Holy Shrine and informing pilgrims and visitors to the Holy Shrine
  • Coordinating with centers for religious and informing activities through prayer leaders of the mosques and prayer rooms throughout the organization
  • Continuous disinfection of the morgues and electric vehicles transferring families of the diseased and disinfecting traffic services of the personnel constantly, and the restrooms of the deceased section
  • Disinfecting urban surfaces and elements in the Diseased Complex and supplying and using isolated clothing for burial personnel at the time of burying the dead affected with contagious diseases
  • Visiting kitchens, restaurants and food supply centers and educating health tips, especially on corona virus and installing disinfectants in some workshops and in the Diseased Complex
  • Allocating 3 ambulances for transfer of those died of Coronavirus and continuous disinfection of those ambulances
  • Using isolated clothing by the personnel of the dead washing hall while washing suspicious dead and patients affected by respiratory disease

Organization for Management and Supervision of Taxis

  1. Measures for Control of Environmental Health
  • Installing equipment for using disinfectant solutions at the main entrance of the Deputy Office with an main of reducing concentration of the infection agent
  • Canceling all in-person meetings and holding video conferences
  • Attending sessions of the Technical Executive working Group for control of Coronavirus at the Ministry of Health and Medical Education
  • Reviewing and developing specific guidelines for the prevention of Coronavirus in the urban transportation sector
  • Using gloves and disinfectant in the kitchen
  • Purchasing and distributing disinfectants prepared for the office use
  • Closing all training courses for taxi drivers and staff on the organization with an aim of observing environmental health
  • Placing a able in the first floor of the Deputy Office for answering questions of the visitors
  • Installing disinfectant equipment for washing hands at the entrance of the restrooms
  1. Measures for Control of Tools, Equipment Safety
  • Following up of the procurement unit for the supply of disinfectants for the use in disinfecting general surfaces and door handles by the service unit
  • Printing appropriate posters in the units and installing them in the proper place (content of these posters has been approved by the Health General Department of the Municipality)
  1. Measures for control of personal hygiene
  • Use of service personnel of the Deputy Office of means to protect personal health, including masks and gloves and observing the proper distance while receiving the client (with at least one meter distance)
  • Purchase and distribution of disposable and hygienic masks for the use of personnel and use of disposable containers at the offices of the personnel

Education, Culture Building and Public Participation Work Group

Central Leadership Headquarters for Organizing Social Participation in Neighborhoods (Neighborhood Management)

  • All current activities of ‘Sara’ (neighborhood house) have been ceased and only health houses are active in ‘Saras’ for rendering health-based services.
  • All activities of children’s houses and playgrounds inside neighborhood houses have been suspended.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces inside ‘Saras’ are done daily and continuously in accordance with the instructions issued.
  • Installation of posters in centers with high traffic in neighborhoods and distribution of brochures and other educational materials are regularly done through health houses.
  • Educational activities and dissemination of information about Corona virus are done through health houses.
  • Launching of voluntary work system


Health Directorate General

  • Offering time tabulated program to the Organization for Management of Crisis for implementation of public and specialized training of the staff of Tehran Municipality in confronting with Corona virus
  • Following up development of an exclusive Code of Conduct for treatment and control of Corona virus for administrative offices with special conditions of Tehran Municipality from Ministry of Health and Medical Treatment and communicating methods to the organizations affiliated to Tehran Municipality
  • Distribution of sanitary items in the homeless shelters of the City of Tehran and monitoring health of the people residing in those houses
  • Training health coaches of the organization in person by the Health Directorate General of Tehran Municipality by trainers of the Health Center of the Health Ministry
  • Extracting the list of personnel in the field of medical science and training them by trained health educators
  • Upgrading awareness of staff by holding virtual training classes
  • Educating special patients and recommending them to refer to a physician to use his care advices
  • Preparation and distribution of hand sanitizer and surfaces disinfectant to prevent spread of the disease
  • Preparation and distribution of masks and gloves to prevent spread of the disease
  • Necessary coordination for convergence of health activities with other areas of the organization
  • Planning for the visit of stations and headquarters venues of the organization for the assessment of the status quo and offering the required training for preventing spread of the disease
  • Distribution of detergents and sanitary substance in appropriate quantity in all operational and headquarters areas


Office of Deputy for Social and Cultural Affairs

Developing a Code of Conduct and specialized content specific for organizations and companies of Tehran Municipality

Self-care is the best way to prevent Corona virus. To this end, for those who are most susceptible to the virus, such as passengers and drivers of, taxis and metro, needy people, social workers and staff of shelters for homeless and workers of green spaces and urban services, staff of Beheshte Zahra (S) Cemetery, Sports Organization and Fruits and Vegetable Marketplaces and all the citizens who use the mentioned centers educational content relevant to the needs of each unit has been produced and published. Also, with the follow up and holding of constant expert sessions of the Health Directorate General this Office together with the Ministry of Health and Medical Treatment has formulated and communicated over 20 specialized Codes of Conduct pamphlets on the process of disinfecting and combating with the Corona virus in relation with the needs of urban management. Guidelines on environmental control of the buses inside and outside of the city, vehicles inside and outside the city, parks, green areas and urban furniture, sports centers and swimming pools, metro and urban trains inside and outside the city, homeless shelters, fruits and vegetable marketplaces, newsstands, fuel stations and banks are an important part of the produced Codes of Conduct which laid the foundation for the operation of all units affiliated with Tehran Municipality.

Training of 40,000 Citizens and Tehran Municipality Staff

Since the outbreak of the Corona virus in China, there has been the required preparation in the Tehran Municipality and prior to the spread of the virus in Tehran, we succeeded in providing training for 20195 citizens at schools, mosques and health houses with respect to the prevention of Corona virus. After the outbreak of the virus our personal training in Tehran was ceased but was continued in the form of producing and distributing educational posters, cyberspace and urban screens. In the meantime, 6,000 municipal service forces and workers of Tehran Municipality were trained in person by health trainers of health houses and 14,000 personnel of Tehran Municipality were trained online.

Constantly, the required educational materials for the training of the citizens through public screening on the city billboards, public transport, and all the subsidiaries of Tehran Municipality are prepared by this Deputy Office and delivered to the relevant organizations. To this end, so far information has been disseminated in three stages in Tehran in the first and second stages of which methods to prevent the Corona virus and urban messages were screened and in the final stage messages were prepared and designed in the form of inviting people to stay at home.

Training by Phone to Sympathize and Recognize Basic Needs of Those at Risk

Under the present circumstances the elderly people, those suffering from diabetics and people with disabilities are considered as the groups at risk and in this regard since last week and through 352 health houses in Tehran contacts have been launched with the said people.

Javadi Yeganeh while pointing out that so far more than 4,000 of the mentioned individuals have been contacted, said: “While attempting to continue the contacts, we try to emphasizes their staying at home and give them telephonic training and recognize their basic needs and problems and remove them through the present potentials at the municipality and taking advantage of cooperation of volunteers in Tehran.”

Performing Corona Screening Test in Shelters for Homeless of Tehran Municipality

With the announcement of the pandemic of the Corona virus, the Corona Management and Control Committee was formed in the Welfare, Services and Social Participation of Tehran Municipality and subsequently while training all the staff and continuous disinfection of all surfaces, hand sanitizer, gloves and masks are distributed at this center on daily basis. Meanwhile, all the centers are equipped with the laser temperature measurement and the temperature of the needy people is taken prior to entering into the shelters for homeless. Due to the increased work of the social workers at the homeless shelters, the call for the cooperation of volunteer social workers, assistant social worker, nurses and doctors was made at the cyberspace and so far 40 people have announced readiness.

Under the present circumstances of the society, immunization of the homeless shelters in the city of Tehran is highly important with regard to the safety of the social workers and the staff of the homeless shelters. To this end, 400 people were initially tested and so far 60 isolation gown, about 5,000 masks, more than 10,000 gloves, 1000 liters of hand sanitizer, 252 gallons of 4-liter disinfectant, about 9,000 alcohol pads and … have been distributed in the homeless shelters. All the patrols of social emergencies have been equipped with sanitary items and disinfectants and three patrols have been equipped with gowns.

Distribution of 1000 Packages of Sanitary Items in Shanty Areas and Garbage Separation Parking

We put supportive help of the children on the agenda. Part of this help includes providing health care and distributing health packages including gloves, masks, soap and hand sanitizer and while offering the items we have tried to train these people as well. The first step in this regard was the presence of medical team in the shanty areas and garbage separation parking which started in the past few days and with regard to the presentation of the items and announcement of the readiness of the donors and volunteers will continue in the coming days.

Also, in an attempt to enrich nutrition of those living in shanty areas since the previous day some 200 packages of hot food were distributed in those areas and based on the predictions in the next week we will distribute 1000 food packages in those areas. Supplying and cooking the food is the responsibility of the Welfare, Services and Social Participation Organization but the distribution will be handled by NGOs as they have better understanding of local communities and therefore have will have fair distribution.

In proportion with the assessment of the needs of people living in those areas, we have the potential to increase the amount of sanitary and nutritious items in coming days.

Over 100 Volunteer Advisors and Psychologists Ready for Rendering Service

Facilitating offering of specialized mental health services is one of the main tasks of the Health Directorate General. In this regard, taking advantage of the services of qualified advisors and psychologists at Neighborhood ‘Saras’ was put on the agenda and this capacity was strengthened in the light of the announcement of the readiness of the State Organization of Psychology and Consulting. At present over 100 volunteer advisors and psychologists who have work license from the State Organization of Psychology Council are ready to render services in order to reduce stress and anxiety of the citizens, especially the elderly and people with underlying diseases and would offer their psychological services to the citizens through telephone contacts.

Training of 4200 Bakers to Prevent Contamination by Corona Virus

In collaboration with Tehran Traditional Bakery Union, efforts have been made by 352 health houses of Tehran Municipality to provide training for 4200 bakeries in Tehran and installation of educational posters. Non-cash payment, use of card reader, using tongs for bread delivery and observance of health tips by the bakers will reduce Corona epidemic.

Presentation of Free E-Books

One of the issues raised since the first day of school closures was the subject of mental health and leisure time of the families, especially children and adolescents. Given that the Citizenship Educational Directorate General of the City Secretariat is child-friendly, it took the initiative and proposed free use of movie and serial sites as the primary proposal which was realized with the support of the Communications Ministry.

The second step was of book reading and it was planned to make e-book reading, through the agreement of one of the startups in the field of books, free of charge in a particular period of time in order to enable the citizens to use the books. Part of the cost will be paid by the Office of Social Deputy of Tehran Municipality and the remaining will be subject to the discount of the startup itself.

Development of Over 190 Titles for Individual and Public Health Education

The attempt was started in the first week with the application “Taghcheh” and more than 4,000 books were downloaded. In the second week the plan was continued with the application “Vav Khan” which started a flow. Other departments were involved in this attempt and the work continued with more force. Some authors were asked to read books for the children and Mr. Farhad Hassanzadeh and Mr. Mostafa Rahman Doost performed it. There are more than 190 individual and public education items. Beside such effort, measures have been taken to raise points in the field of mental health for the children.

“Volunteer Work” Website to be Launched Next Week

The most important measure in this regard was recruiting of volunteer forces and the process of their deployment that was made through the existing capacity at the urban management, donors and NGOs and use of 137 Hotline.

Volunteers and NGOs can define their type of activity and expertise by registering in this system so that their capacity will be used at the time of need.



Foodstuff Supply & Distribution Work Group




Shahrvand Company

  • Adding six 24-hour stores and constant supply of people’s needed items in all stores.
  • Allocating all the publicity potentials for the information and awareness of the citizens on the subject of Corona virus.
  • Planning to meet the daily needs of people in all under-control shopping centers
  • Installing educational posters
  • Preventing registration of fingerprints of the personnel in the punch clock of the company
  • Providing disposable gloves for the customers and visitors
  • Washing and disinfecting office spaces, sales halls, shopping carts, cash registers and other sections of the department stores
  • Restricting traffic of the visitors to the administrative sections of the shops and offices
  • Installing optical disinfectant devices at the entrance of the stores
  • Mandatory use of disposable gloves
  • Mandatory use of masks and gloves for the personnel, cashier, service workers…
  • Distributing 9500 masks for the personnel of stores
  • Distributing 3,000 cardboard boxes (each box containing 72) of disinfectant liquid for the sale in stores
  • Distributing 48 cardboard boxes (each box containing 48) of disinfectant gels for the sale in stores
  • Distribution of 1300 cardboard boxes (each box containing 72) of antibacterial wipes for sale in stores
  • Preventing activities of the people with suspicious symptoms of the disease
  • Preventing entry of visitors with suspicious symptoms


Shahr-e Salem (Healthy City) Company

  • Formulating guidelines for disinfection of Tehran Municipality equipment and buildings and submitting it to the Health Directorate General for approval;
  • Intermittent training at the Tehran Municipality for the bus and metro personnel and service personnel of the districts;
  • Providing a list of companies supplying disinfectants;
  • Attempting to provide necessary items for protection and sanitary washing with regard to restriction of government for the purchase of health items;
  • Distributing 8000 Latex gloves, 50,000 masks, 180 one-liter disinfectant, 250 half-liter liquid disinfectant, and 30,000 medical gauze in Tehran Municipality complex
  • Providing a list of the items required by the organizations and units affiliated to the municipality and sending it to the Tehran City Crisis Prevention and Management Organization
  • Reporting Corona-related suggestions to the Honorable Mayor of Tehran and preparing Corona-related educational content and posters on mechanisms for prevention of Corona virus

– Preparing Corona stand and providing health recommendations and formulating guidelines for disinfection of automobiles and offering health advice with regard to public places and places for preparation and distribution of food

– Providing health training for executives in the field of transportation and traffic and the Bus Company and Tehran Metro Company with the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Health

  • Providing Corona-related health training for the employees and workers and the service personnel of Tehran City Council

– Providing health training for the workers of District 4, District  10, District 2, District 4

– Providing training in the field of services for Municipality Beautification Organization and urban services in District 13

  • Disinfecting office of mayor of District 13 as well as the venue of Tehran City Council, the meeting hall and office of the chairperson of the Council
  • Providing training in the field of sanitation and disinfection for the service personnel and disinfection of the venue of Tehran City Council, the meeting hall and office of the chairperson of the Council
  • Providing Corona-related training for the health care and treatment personnel and conveying guidelines of the Ministry of Health to the health and treatment center with regard to coping with Corona
  • Preparing brief informative items in relation with using elevators, places for obtaining and distribution of food, sanitary facilities and pantries in Tehran Municipality
  • Holding meeting of the Emergency Committee on Corona virus and its coordination and planning at the Shahr-e Salem Company with the presence of deputies and managers
  • Empowering health and safety experts and providing specialized training for them with regard to Corona patient
  • Attending out-door meetings for providing relevant coordination and holding in-house meetings for planning the agenda
  • Providing educational items on how to wash hands and collecting educational short films
  • Corresponding with organizations affiliated to the Tehran Municipality regarding adoption of measures for the automated submission of all the documents and documentations relevant to the illness through automation and in the absence of presence of the staff

Retirement Organization

  • Providing training for the entrance guards on how to respond to the visitors and prevent entry of those suspicious of Corona virus contamination.
  • Disinfecting, on daily and sometimes hourly basis, all the surfaces multiply used such as electricity switches and sockets, elevators, valves, door handles, toilets, telephone receiver, computer equipment, desk and chair of the employees.
  • Cancelling gatherings such as those for reciting Ziyarat-e Ashura (religious prayers).
  • Preparing a place at the entrance of the building to prevent entry of service vehicle drivers into the floors of the organization.
  • Preventing entry of staff into the pantries in the floors of the organization in order to control spread of the virus.
  • Uploading news and the required recommendations on Corona virus in the Organization Portal
  • Placing news and educational items in the form of motionography and… in the organization’s telegram channel
  • Installing posters inside the elevators of the organization entitled: Corona virus


Fruits and Vegetables Marketplaces Organization`

  • Compiling and communicating guidelines with four operational axes for the staff, beneficiaries, suppliers and citizens.
  • Providing daily checklist for managers of marketplaces and chiefs of the markets and continuous control of incoming cargo in order to comply with health standards
  • Disinfecting every day all the surfaces and presenting personal protection equipment to the personnel as well as sufficient hygienic and disinfectant detergents to the marketplaces and markets and also constant training to the staff of the beneficiaries and workers of the stands.
  • Coordinating and continuous communication with relevant officials at the Ministry of Health and Tehran Municipality and communicating the guidelines for the payment of the customers at the Fruits and Vegetable Marketplaces Organization and disinfecting marketplaces and markets


Budget, Logistics and Human Resources Work Group 

Human Resources Directorate General

A – Intra Organizational Measures:

  • Disseminating information on Corona disease prevention methods through the Portal of Human Resources Directorate General (posters approved by the Communication Center, Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization)
  • Sending circulars on reduced office working hours and outsourcing of the employees with special conditions to all subdivisions of Tehran Municipality
  • Presence of Director General of Human Resources, as a member of the Budget, Logistics and Human Resources Work Group, in meetings for prevention of Corona virus
  • Holding meeting on preventive measures for Corona virus at the Human Resources Directorate General with the presence of Director General of Human Resources, Deputy of Logistics Directorate General and General Director of Education
  • Notifying handling of the request of colleagues at Tehran Municipality in their absence (through contact number of the concerned units) with an attempt to protect safety of the staff of Tehran Municipality through the Portal of the Directorate General of Human Resources and the Main Portal of Tehran Municipality
  • Implementing Corona Preventive Protocol (by taking temperature of the visitors and personnel of the Human Resources Directorate General upon entering Navab Building and disinfecting Navab Building surroundings)
  • Presence of the Director General of Human Resources and deputies at Municipality of District 13 in order to elucidate rules and regulations for prevention of Corona virus


B- Inter Organizational Measures:

  • Disseminating information on methods of preventing Corona virus at office environment and through the Portal of Human Resources General Department
  • Disseminating information on bulletin boards by installing posters and official info graphs of the World Health Organization and Ministry of Health in all the floors and office environment
  • Closing the gymnasium of Navab Safavi Building
  • Regarding instruction of the State Prayer Headquarters on not holding mass prayers in offices, it will not be held until further notice
  • Disinfecting the office environment, staircases, elevator, gymnasium and prayer hall on daily basis
  • Installing an information stand for prevention of Corona virus
  • Sending messages through SMS system to the colleagues at the Human Resources Directorate General on prevention of Corona virus
  • Disseminating information through automation to the colleagues of the Human Resources Directorate General on participating in virtual training courses regarding campaign against Corona virus
  • Blocking the fingerprint recorder and registering arrival and departure through traffic system
  • Limiting the number of pantries for observing sanitary principles
  • Distributing disposable cups and tea bags to the staff of Human Resources Directorate General
  • Implementing directives concerning outsourcing of the staff with special conditions at the Human Resources Directorate General
  • Distributing primary sanitary items commonly required by the colleagues
  • Disinfecting vehicles of the Motor Vehicle Unit


Logistics Directorate General

  • Providing 20,000 masks, 2,000 liters of 98% alcohol, 6 tons of sterile gas, 2,000 liters of hand sanitizer
  • Delivery of 5,000 masks and 500 liters of hand sanitizer to Taxi Organization
  • Delivery of 10,000 liters of surface disinfectant to the Fire Department
  • Delivery of 15,000 liters of surface disinfectant to District 15 municipalities and 7,000 liters to District 7 municipalities
  • Delivery of 1000 liters of surface liquid disinfectant to the Job Organizing Company and 1000 liters to the Social Services Organization
  • Delivery of 2000 liters of surface liquid disinfectant to the Terminal Organization and 7000 liters to Beheshte Zahra Organization
  • Delivery of 5000 masks and 5000 gloves to Beheshte Zahra Organization
  • Delivery of 7,000 liters of surface liquid disinfectant to the Bus Company and 5,000 liters to the Metro Company
  • Delivery of 3,000 liters of surface liquid disinfectant to the Marketplace Organization and 1,000 liters to the Beautification Organization
  • Delivery of 1,000 liters of surface liquid disinfectant to the Gardens Organization
  • Delivery of 2,000 liters of surface liquid disinfectant to District 13 and 1,000 liters to District 21
  • Delivery of 5,000 liters of surface liquid disinfectant to the Waste Management Organization and 1,000 liters to the Gardens Organization
  • Delivery of 1,000 liters of surface liquid disinfectant to the Sports Organization


Crisis Management Organization Work Group

  • Holding organizational meetings for determining duties of organizations, offices and companies of Tehran Municipality and organizations outside Tehran Municipality
  • Establishing specialized Work Groups tailored to the needs of the relevant affairs, for the follow-up and required coordination with inter-organizational units and agencies outside the Municipality
  • Preparing and updating the list of health items required by subsidiaries of Tehran Municipality for financial estimates and correspondence with responsible organizations for providing the requirements
  • Holding coordination meetings in the presence of heads and plenipotentiary representatives of the subsidiaries of Tehran Municipality and organizations outside Tehran Municipality under the title Technical-Executive Work Group for Campaign against Contagious Diseases;
  • Forming a think tank in cyberspace to follow up and expedite implementation of approvals and present reports of organizations
  • Communicating alerts to the emergency operations center (EOC) of Tehran City Crisis Prevention and Management Organization and announcing emergency contact numbers of the Center
  • Approving the tasks of the organizations in the aforementioned Work Group and communicating to the organizations with an aim of implementing approvals of the session
  • Establishing system for dissemination of information, training, prevention and organizing training courses for the staff and service personnel;
  • Coordinating and cooperating with all agencies and units administered by the Municipality to present the necessary training in this area;
  • Holding training courses for the staff and service personnel
  • Forming management group in the virtual intranet for the administrators of Tehran Municipality (activating administrators username in CISCO Software)
  • Following up provision of educational program by the Health Directorate General on the provision of educational content by the Health Department with an aim of presenting to other relevant organizations for installation in the advertising spaces of the city (report of the Health Directorate General)
  • Distributing protective and hygienic washing items among the staff and monitoring and measuring temperature (body temperature) of the colleagues
  • Holding hotline communication with the State Civil Defense Organization
  • Holding a consultation meeting with WHO and organizations and offices affiliated with the Municipality
  • Holding consultation meeting with the Austrian crisis management and discussing and exchanging views and transferring experiences
  • Sending text messages to the headquarters of 22 districts of Tehran Municipality on preparation of tents to the number of neighborhoods in each area, preparedness for calling upon local durability groups and readiness for provision of facilities and equipment for offering 24-hour services to the citizen if necessary
  • Coordinating and setting up five Work Groups to follow up and render effective measures to prevent and combat Corona virus after delegating all the related affairs to the Tehran City Crisis Prevention and Management by the honorable Tehran Mayor as follows:

– Information Work Group;

– Education, Culture and Public Participation Work Group;

– Environmental Health and Waste Disposal Work Group;

– Supply and Distribution of Items and Provisions Work Group;

– Budget and Support and Human Resources Work Group;

  • Inviting members of the five Work Groups to attend the meetings
  • Holding meetings of the five Work Groups on control and confrontation with the Corona virus at the venue of the Organization for Prevention and Management of Tehran City Crisis Prevention and Management Organization and holding virtual meetings
  • Updating the list of health items required by organizations affiliated with Tehran Municipality for financial estimates and correspondence with responsible organizations for providing the requirements
  • Performing 58 educational titles on Corona virus in the Radio Magazine of the Shahre Amadeh (Ready City)
  • Preparing educational program related to the prevention of and campaign with Corona
  • Preparing the reserved sources with a total capacity of 20,000 liters for the storage of diluted bleach
  • Coordinating with organizations in need of diluted bleach based on the list of requested items and distribution of the product to the organizations affiliated with Tehran Municipality
  • Preparing survey questionnaire on Tehran Municipality’s measures to prevent and combat with Corona virus in Tehran
  • Holding meeting with the State Emergency Organization and Beheshte Zahra (S) Organization on coordination of the diseased affairs in hospitals
  • Attending in bio-defense coordination meeting of Tehran Province (2 sessions)
  • Forming organization’s supervisory team by using 12,000 volunteers of DAVAM (Neighborhood Emergency Action Volunteers)
  • Coordinating with the mayors and secretaries of the 22 Districts for forming Anti-Corona Headquarters at the district level
  • Distributing environmental washing liquid (diluted bleach) among organizations affiliated with Tehran Municipality in proportion to their demand





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