SEOUL [Mask Purchase Procedures : How Can Foreigners Purchase Masks?]

To resolve a shortage of masks, the Korean government has come up with a new measure called “5-day rotation system for mask distribution.” It is a policy that allows people to purchase masks on designated days based on their birth years.

One can buy masks on Mondays if the last digit of one’s year of birth is either 1 or 6, Tuesdays if it is either 2 or 7, Wednesdays if it is either 3 or 8, Thursdays if it is either 4 or 9, and Fridays if it is either 5 or 0.

For example, those born in 1981 can buy masks on Mondays, as the year of their birth ends in 1 and those born in 2004 can buy masks on Thursdays, as the year of their birth ends in 4.

Weekends are open to all people who were unable to purchase masks during the week.

How Can Foreigners Purchase Masks?
Individuals who do not have Korean citizenship are required to present their alien registration card when purchasing masks. Please note that those without health insurance cannot purchase masks.



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