COVID-19 Measures of the City of Beijing [Beijing Safeguards People’s Health and Safety in Openness]

As COVID-19 spreads globally, China faces increasing risks from imported COVID-19. Some cases have appeared in Beijing, placing the capital under great pressure.

Beijing is China’s capital and its most important gateway to the world, and it will not close its door just because of an unexpected epidemic outbreak. Opening to the outside world is China’s committed policy. Deeply interconnected with the world, Beijing is a major global metropolis, and it needs to keep itself open and embrace the world, and attract both global resources and global talents. A large number of international companies maintain

active presence in Beijing, and more companies in the city depend on the global industrial chain for their development. Opening-up has therefore always underpinned Beijing’s development.

Openness and epidemic containment and control should go hand in hand.While the flow of people will inevitably cause the epidemic to spread, a strong protection network plus strict and effective control measures can minimize this risk.

At present, a number of control measures such as 14-day observation in isolation and health condition declaration have been adopted in compliance with the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases and the Border Health and Quarantine Law of the People’s Republic of China. This means that anyone who has recently been to major epidemic-affected areas, regardless of his/her place of departure and nationality, is subject to China’s epidemic control measures. All the people, both Chinese and foreign nationals, are under the same health management with no exception.

Beijing has adopted corresponding measures such as specific methods of conducting observation in isolation. More importantly, it has placed foreign nationals under the same community health management. It sees to it that such containment and control measures are conducted with full attention given to the sensitivities and concerns of foreign nationals in Beijing. The channel of communication with them will remain open and their beliefs will be fully respected.

Public health security is a common challenge facing mankind. Countries need to build a strong community of epidemic control, and all of us in this community should show more understanding to and support for each other in this joint fight. Since it takes just one flight to bring virus to a distant country, all of us as humans must join hands to prevail over the epidemic.

Source: Beijing Daily

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