Message from Mansur Yavaş Mayor of Ankara

The epidemic of COVID-19, which is emerging in China and spreading all over the world, has now become pandemic and it is clear that it cannot be prevented by the individual efforts of either countries or cities. In addition to the extraordinary efforts of healthcare professionals, we are experiencing a period in which governments and local governments are maximizing their works. We believe it is important to act together to combat this epidemic, to save humanity. Therefore, sharing our experiences with each other during this process will shed light on us to survive the epidemic with minimal damage.

As Ankara, the Capital City of the Republic of Turkey, we have established a platform called “Capital Cities Alliance Against the COVID-19” that puts all World Capital Cities together. This website is where we can share our experiences with each other in our fight against the COVID-19 epidemic. The activation of this database and web page will help to learn healthy and accurate information about the work of the countries all over the world.

Please share the challenges, solutions and experiences your city or country has experienced. So, it will help other cities that have the same or similar situations.

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