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* Within the scope of the measures taken against the Covid-19, our 5600 colleagues working in the affiliated companies of the Municipality will benefit from the food distribution system in the cafeterias to maintain the social distance between them and also 150 employees of BELPA will switch to the separate sitting system.

As the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, the mothers, who are working in the municipality and it’s all affiliates and companies, with the children under the age of 12 will be considered as administrative leave due to the closure of schools.

* The daily lunch service for the employees was cancelled and the new grab and go lunch service was started.

* Besides daily disinfection works in EGO buses, they are being disinfected for two times before the rush hours. Moreover, all minibuses (dolmuş) in Ankara has to be disinfected every day and those who do not comply with this decision will not be allowed to be in traffic.

* While disinfection works are carried out in the common public spaces, sterilization was carried out in the municipality in addition to the daily cleaning works.

* In the framework of the measures taken against the Covid-19 pandemic, disinfection works continue in the city.

* Within the scope of the protection of public health, in order to prevent crowd formation, the funeral ceremonies will be carried out without waiting the prayer time, if it is requested by the relatives of the deceased.

* In addition to routine cleaning works in common public spaces, sterilization and nanotechnological disinfection works are carried out.

* Sterilization and disinfection works are carried out regularly in public vehicles and public places at certain times of the day.

* Sterilization and disinfection works are carried out regularly in every place from Compassion Houses of the Municipality to Opera Hall as well as from the public buildings to the subway stations at certain times of the day.

* Sterilization Works are carried out in the Ministry of Defense, Supreme Court of Appeals Prosecutor’s Office, and Ankara Provincial Gendarmerie Regimental Command.

* The annual leaves of the cleaning staff were removed until a second order. It was decided to perform cleaning every night at the subway stations.

* Cleaning, homecare and hygiene services were provided by going to the houses of elderly and disabled citizens.

* Sterilization studies were carried out in all service buildings of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and General Directorate of ASKİ.

* Cleaning works are carried out in the surroundings of Hacı Bayram Veli Mosque.

* Disinfection and sterilization works were continued in all mosques, especially in Capital’s major mosques.

* Disinfection and sterilization works were carried out in the Wholesales Market.

* Disinfection and sterilization works were carried out in the Eryaman Stadium.

* Sterilization works were carried out in the Polatlı Community Center and Regional Directorate of ASKİ.

* Sterilization works were carried out in AŞTİ.

* We increased disinfection works in the rail systems and EGO buses.

*Sterilization and nanotechnological disinfection works were carried out in EGO buses, subway cars, minibuses, Family Life Centres, and NGO’s.

* We organized sterilization works in common use areas and the campuses of NGO’s providing public service.

* We organized sterilization works for 2056 minibuses under the supervision of Municipal Police.

* We organized disinfection works for the Family Life Centres in our districts.

* The Compassion Houses in Etlik, Rüzgarlı, Varlık, Ulus and Onkoloji, where the patients and their relatives stay, were included in the daily disinfection program.

* Sterilization Works are started for 7701 taxis and 2056 minibuses operating in Ankara.

* EGO buses carrying our citizens returning from Umrah to the dormitories were disinfected following international standards from the ventilation systems to the outer surface.


*Within the scope of hygiene measures, ASKI General Directorate will not exercise water cuts for two months for citizens who have water debt in their subscriptions.

* To prevent loss of rights in discounted student subscription cards due to mandatory holidays at schools, it is decided that if applied to “Başkent 153” line or to EGO General Directorate, your cards will be restored credit as much as the unused balance.

*For our citizens who have difficulty in paying their rents during the epidemic, our municipality’s lease receivables are postponed for two months.


*Despite the 50% reduction in the number of passengers in the public transportation vehicles (bus, metro and ANKARAY) EGO General Directorate decided not to reduce the number of expeditions.

*The premiers of the Capital City Theatres in March are taken to a later date.

*Activities in BELTEK, Mutlu Library and Hüseyin Gazi Library are suspended for three weeks.

*We have informed our citizens about epidemics.

*Three weeks break taken from the activities at Family Life Centres, Youth Centres, Kids Clubs, Sincan Indoor Sports Centre, Children’s Council, Ladies Clubhouse, UMEM and BELMEK.

*While distributing brochures (brochure and double-fold brochure) in order to help Ankara people to fight effectively against epidemic diseases and especially against the risk of Coronavirus and to be informed correctly about those; board, racket board and banner work are done. Information texts of the Ministry of Health about Covid-19 are started to be published on the screens in public transportation vehicles.


Crisis Management Center was established in order to meet all kinds of complaints, notices and requests of citizens in the event of a crisis.

* General Directorate of Ankara Water and Sewerage Administration (ASKİ) closed twenty brances which are carriying out  invoice collection and subscription sevices . These services can be reached through PTT (Post offices) and municipal website.

* In order to prevent crowd formation, condolence tent service provided by our municipality has been suspended.

* Citizens returning from Umrah and abroad transferred  by EGO buses to the dormitories where they will be taken under quarantine.

All of the activities at the Family Life Centers, Youth Centers, Kids Clubs, Sincan Indoor Sports Hall, Children’s Assmbly,  Women Clubs, UMEM and BELMEK have been suspended  for three weeks.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality’s Circulars about Covid-19

The Turkish Government’s Activities and Measures Taken

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