Circular – 4



No: 31499761-876-99-39702

Subject: Combating Covid-19 Additional Measures to be taken 



            As it is known, the measures to be taken within the scope of combating the Covid-19 outbreak have been determined with the circular numbered 2020/1. Our fight against the epidemic has been carried out effectively from the very beginning. The endeavour of each employee of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which supports the struggle in this difficult process, and the health of themselves and their families are very important separately. At this stage, the negative effects and the duration of the epidemic remain uncertain. For this reason, it is very important for us, who take active responsibility in this difficult process, and our families to remain healthy to continue our fight against epidemic effectively and continuously for from now on.

            Considering the measures announced by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey and the abovementioned matters, all our superintendents and our colleagues shall, without hindering the operations,  in their departments and their private lives;

  • Take into account the social distancing rule for the arrangement of shifts and the seating order in the offices,
  • Use masks in rooms where more than one person works, not reuse disposable masks and gloves,
  • Not to circulate documents as much as possible, use gloves in cases in which it is necessary to circulate the documents, have electronic correspondence, receive and open documents, boxes, envelopes etc. from outside the building by using gloves,
  • Within the municipal service building, use face masks while walking, using elevators and having meetings, maintain social distancing rule, use the stairs instead of the elevators between floors close to each other by those with good health, consume distributed food packages for lunch following the social distancing rule,
  • Not allow any visitors into buildings and office spaces under any circumstances unless it is necessary such as business meetings,
  • Provide the necessary training to the staff working in tea houses and catering facilities on using masks and gloves and other hygiene rules by the Department of Support Services.
  • Prefer to use electronic communication facilities such as telephone, WhatsApp, Zoom and e-mail in case meetings and collaboration are required; in the situations where it is mandatory to come together, follow the social distancing rules, rule of disinfectant and mask use, and carry out the meetings in the proper sized meeting rooms which are determined according to the number of participants to attend by taking necessary measures,
  • Ensure the use of masks and gloves for the staff who actively participates in the combat against COVID-19 outbreak such as disinfection works, and the staff who have close contact with the individuals due to their duties such as food distribution, receiving applications, and other frontline services,
  • Disinfect the official cars and the other vehicles allocated for the common use of the staff daily and again the cars return from each duty,
  • All our employees also should show the necessary sensitivity except their business life on the issues of avoiding to enter the crowded places as much as possible, using masks in there and maintaining social distancing rule,
  • The people living in the same residence with our employees should pay attention to their health and in case of COVID-19 symptoms are seen in one of them, the necessary measures should be taken by informing the relevant superior immediately.

I kindly request you to take necessary action.

             Mansur YAVAŞ

                                                                                                            Mayor of Ankara

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