Ulaanbaatar [26k Mongolians return home since January amid COVID-19 border restrictions]

In accordance with the decision of the State Emergency Commission, a total of 100 repatriation charter flights have been arranged to bring back 19,754 people from over 80 countries since January until October 2020.

Moreover, 6,581 citizens also entered Mongolia through border crossing checkpoints from Russia and China in an organized manner during this period, totaling the number of people to 26,335, who arrived from abroad since COVID-19 border restrictions had started being imposed gradually from January 2020.

In October 2020, 3,305 people arrived home on 18 government-organized MIAT Mongolian airlines charter planes. In November, 10 charter flights are scheduled to repatriate more 1,980 Mongolians from overseas. \


Ulaanbaatar /29 October 2020/

source: www.montsame.mn

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