Ulaanbaatar [Lease terms for rent-to-own apartments eased for frontline public workers]

It has been almost half a year since Mongolia declared heightened state of readiness due to Covid-19. The country has no community transmission and imported cases are being monitored and treated in isolation. The Cabinet decided to implement a housing program for the frontline public workers who are working in hazardous conditions to implement the decisions of the Cabinet and the State Emergency Commission as part of the efforts to prevent Coivid-19 infections and a working group has been set up to implement the plan. The abovementioned public workers include doctors, nurses, drivers, cleaners, emergency workers, specialized and border inspectors, treatment plant technicians, and intelligence and police officers.

The State Emergency Commission instructed that the public workers be fairly chosen by the majority of their colleagues to be involved in the project. 10 healthcare workers of the National Center for Communicable Diseases have so far received rental certificates to their apartments. The corresponding organizations strive to complete the program in a short period of time and enable the frontline workers to move into their new apartments without any hurdles.

At its irregular meeting on June 12, the Cabinet approved amendments, effective from June 15, to the Rental Apartment Ownership Transfer Regulation to ease the requirements faced by renters, allowing the frontline workers to make their choice from ready-to-occupy apartments of any size built with funding from not only state and local budgets and development funds, but also foreign and local investments and private sources; to move into their new apartments without paying the previously required down payment of 30 percent of the purchase price; and to pay towards purchasing the property within 15 years, if they choose apartments built with funding sources other that the state budget and development funds.



Ulaanbaatar /12 June 2020/

source: www.montsame.mn

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