Taipei Pubs to Reopen with Mandatory Real Name Registration System

Taipei City Government began accepting application for reopening from pubs and clubs on May 19. On May 21, a total of 4 businesses received the green light after undergoing joint safety inspection and attending a class on real name registration apps at Zhongshan Police Precinct.

In the evening of May 21, Deputy Mayor Huang Shan-shan led a joint inspection team comprising members from TCPD, Department of Information Technology, and Office of Commerce on a visit to Huana Club – one of the businesses which applied for reopening.

According to Huang, clubs permitted to reopen must implement the real name registration framework, where customers must either have their original ID card or ARC card scanned, or provide their personal information along with a picture of their NHI card or driver’s license. The data will be uploaded to the city government’s database and retained for one month before being deleted. Customers who do not have the aforementioned IDs will not be admitted.

A total of 82 individuals from 53 bars and clubs attended the real name registration app training class at Zhongshan Police Precinct on May 20. In addition to implementing the aforementioned app and passing the joint inspection, reopened bars and clubs must also carry out COVID-19 prevention measures such as mandatory face masks, temperature-taking, regular disinfection and cleaning, and single-entry point restriction.

TCPD local precincts will monitor the implementation of real name registration for club and bars during patrols. Violators will be fined in accordance with the Communicable Disease Control Act. Those accumulating 3 citations will be punished with one-month business suspension.

  • Source:Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government / Publish Date:2020-05-22

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