Home care during the epidemic-Raising awareness on violence

Home care during the epidemic

The Home Care Institution Ljubljana provides social security services in the form of home care during the COVID-19 epidemic, although to a limited extent and with limited staff resources. Their services include help to the elderly, chronically ill and people with disabilities with their everyday core activities, chores and establishing or maintaining social connections. The employees of the Home Care Institution Ljubljana responded with a great deal of solidarity and responsibility right after the COVID-19 epidemic was declared, and acted in accordance with the circumstances. A smaller group of field caretakers continues to visit the most vulnerable people who urgently need help and cannot receive it from their families or have no relatives, and they take care of the most urgent daily activities, such as maintaining personal hygiene and feeding. To obtain information about persons who desperately need help in this crisis, they called all of their users and their family members, and coordinated with them what care they can take on themselves and what services need to be provided by the institution. They also check the situation on site on a daily basis, personally and through phone calls with users and their families, and thus adapt their work and respond accordingly.

Raising awareness on violence

Domestic violence, serious injuries and femicide have been on the rise during the coronavirus epidemic. Previous experiences in past crises show alarming statistics, while current data from Slovenia and other European countries support these figures. Non-government organisations dealing with violence that are co-financed by the City of Ljubljana in the form of accommodation and counselling programmes are currently overburdened. Counsellors are in contact with victims and violent offenders (those included in the programme) via telephone and video links, and thus attempt to somehow ease the tension within families. In agreement with the City of Ljubljana, two new 24-hour hotlines were set up, as more calls are received at night and over the weekend. In order to raise awareness and inform the citizens of Ljubljana, we published instructions on what steps to take in the event of violence, with contact information for non-government organisations on our website and in the Ljubljana newsletter that is distributed to all households in the City of Ljubljana. At the city’s initiative, messages with hotline numbers of NGOs are being shown on LCD screens in Lekarna Ljubljana outlets and the Ljubljana Community Health Centre. LPP (Ljubljana public transport) will also be invited to show this information once restrictions on public transport are eased.


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