Ulaanbaatar City Governor holds regular online briefing

On April 27, Governor of the capital city and Mayor of Ulaanbaatar S,Amarsaikhan held a briefing on current issues

At the beginning of the briefing, the Governor reminded citizens and entities about fire safety as large areas of land have recently been affected by fire in this dry season, adding to the workloads of emergency officials amid the nationwide heightened state of readiness. He also expressed his sincere gratitude to the individuals, including auto and motorcycle enthusiasts who helped emergency officials extinguish the recent fires on the Bogd Mountain.

The Governor noted that decontamination works were carried out at 14 entities and 4734 other locations in the nine districts of the capital city to prevent Covid-19 infections last week and pit toilets of households living in ger area and a total of 53 thousand square meters of public area are being disinfected across Ulaanbaatar.

It was informed that the authorities are discussing the issue of taking economic relief measures while preventing Covid-19 infections and protecting public health and that a disaster drill is planned to be held throughout Chingeltei district on May 5-7.

Ulaanbaatar city government is keeping a check on the inspection and sales of new buildings to prevent citizens from buying buildings that does not meet all technical requirements and standards, Governor S.Amarsaikhan said. “Officials who had allowed illegal construction on public areas will be held responsible and punished, and 97 entities, who are found to have built constructions without proper permissions will be given a one-time chance to continue their operations and to complete the documents required for their operations in the light of the economic difficulties caused by Covid-19. No more entities will be allowed to construct buildings in the capital city without official permission”.


Ulaanbaatar /27 April 2020/

source: www.montsame.mn

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