MRT Service – Contingency Measures to Respond to the Outbreak of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

I. Stage 1 – No Confirmed Domestic Cases:

  • Follow health authorities’ guidelines on epidemic prevention;
  • Use the MRT promotion system to promote correct epidemic prevention
    measures through broadcasts, light boxes, and tickers on TV screens;
  • Regularly disinfect equipment: Carry out regular disinfection, using
    alcohol or diluted bleach solution, of frequently touched surfaces of
    equipment and facilities, including MRT stations and cars.
  • Health self-management among staff: impose restrictions for staff
    traveling to endemic areas. When a staff member returns from an
    endemic area, they will be required to perform self-management of
    health for 14 days and there will be a designated person to track his/her
    condition daily.
  • Stockpile epidemic prevention supplies.

II. Stage 2 – Confirmed Domestic Cases

  • Participate in Taipei City Government Prevention and Response
    meetings and cooperate with epidemic prevention measures;
  • Increase the frequency of disinfection of the environment and
    1) Disinfect frequently contacted equipment at each station (once
    every eight hours);
    2) Carriages: Clean and disinfect the carriages daily before the
    operational departure and again when the cars return to the terminus
    during off-peak time;
    3) Place hand sanitizer at information counters of every station for
    public use;
  • Continue to provide the correct epidemic prevention information to
    1) Strengthen the broadcasting of government announcements,
    epidemic prevention videos, and multilingual information;
    2) Upload the announcements of epidemic prevention measures
    directly from the Taipei City Government to the MRT website;
    3) Produce and broadcast the videos of epidemic preventive
    measures adopted by MRT to ensure passengers feel
    comfortable when taking public transit.
  • Enhance self-management of health measures among staff:
    1) Frontline staff to wear surgical masks and check their
    temperature before their daily shift;
  • Purchase supplies to protect the frontline staff and prevent the spread of
    the virus, including surgical masks, alcohol-based sanitizer, goggles,
    isolation gowns, gloves and so on.

III. Stage 3 – Taipei City Government set up Emergency Operation Center (EOC)

  • Participate in the Taipei City Government emergency response
    meetings and cooperate with epidemic prevention;
  • Further strengthen the frequency of disinfection of the environment
    and equipment:
    – At stations:
    1) Disinfect frequently contacted equipment at each station (once
    every four hours);
    2) Daily disinfection of public facilities at the station: After operational
    hours, the areas of entire station, including passenger flow lines,
    equipment and environment should be disinfected.
    – In cars:
    1) Disinfect frequently contacted equipment (once every eight hours
    and when the car returns to the terminus).
    2) Wipe down the entire car with disinfectant prior to the first
    departure of the day;
    – Once notified by health authorities that any individual, who is a
    confirmed or suspected case, has traveled on the MRT, intensify the
    cleaning and disinfection of the stations and carriages along the route
    taken by the passenger within two hours after receiving the notice.
  • Strengthen protective measures for passengers and tourists:
    1) Deploy infrared temperature sensors at high-traffic stations and
    stations near major sightseeing spots. Passengers who have been
    screened with fever will be refused to serve and will be transported to
    2) Establish MRT service regulations and practice in advance about how
    staff will manage passengers with suspected symptoms.
  • Strengthen self-management of health measures among staff:
    1) Control entry access and carry out body temperature checks at
    administrative buildings and MRT depots;
    2) All staff need to have their temperature taken daily. There will be a
    designated person in charge of tracking health condition of staff;
    3) Organize important staff into groups, and implement the strategies
    of fixed shifts and work at off-site offices.

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