Governor of Ulaanbaatar: This time period must be promoted as a great opportunity to develop themselves

On April 15, Governor of the Capital City and Mayor of Ulaanbaatar S.Amarsaikhan held a meeting with Head of the Education Department of the Capital City J.Gantulga, and Head of the Social Policy Department of the Governor’s Office of the Capital City Ts.Urtnasan. The city mayor was informed about the results of the TV classes being aired for children in schools and kindergartens as well as how the general entrance exams are planned to be organized and what areas are being focused in its framework, and gave directions in which the officials should work.

In the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, a total of 496,500 students are studying at schools and kindergartens, in which over 13,000 teachers and instructors are employed. TV classes for the students and children are being organized for the 10th week, with a team of over 60 researchers and experts, about 170 teachers and instructors, and 15 sign language teachers.

Head of Education Department of the Capital City J.Gantulga said, “As of the past two months, the number of children watching the TV classes were at 81 percent. Following the decision made to extend the closure of schools until September 1, the number dropped to 66 percent.” He then highlighted, “About 50 percent of the lessons that would have been taught in classrooms are being taught through TV classes. Of the total of 1,169 hours of lessons in elementary school education, TV classes for 571 hours of classes have been taught so far.”

Governor of the Capital City S.Amarsaikhan said, “The participation of teachers and students must be specifically focused during this time of restrictions. We have to also focus on the increasing amount of pressure on parents and guardians.

Furthermore, guidance and advice for choosing their profession as well as in assisting them in their decision for where they should study should be provided for the 12,021 students that will be graduating from high school in the capital city this year. Moreover, alongside TV classes, certain forms of training that improve their knowledge, capacity, and creativity, and advice for parents must not be left behind.”

“We must help children and youth understand that this time period is a great opportunity to develop and improve their knowledge and skills using the internet. To do this, the current form of distance learning has to be enhanced to become easier to access and more effective. The two departments should cooperate in uniting their decisions and actions, and providing the participation of public and other organizations,” obliged the Governor.

It should also be noted that in the framework of the cautionary measures being taken for the coronavirus, all teachers working at public and private schools donated their 1-day salary, donating a total of MNT 220 million to the Emergency Commission of the Capital City, highlighted the officials.

Ulaanbaatar /16 April 2020/


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