Ulaanbaatar [School closures extended until September 1]

The State Emergency Commission (SEC) today convened a meeting and decided to extend closures of all schools, universities and educational institutions until September 1. Therefore, all schools will remain closed for the rest of this academic year only to reopen on September 1, 2020 for the next school year.

In connection with the extended school closures, the SEC made  following decisions:

– Live classroom lessons will continue to be broadcast on TV until June 1.

– Registration and entrance process of kindergarten and primary schools is postponed until the second half of August.

– Heating for buildings of schools, universities and dormitories will be shut off starting April 15 to save expenses.

– No grade threshold, which allows only qualified students of ninth grade of secondary schools to continue to high school, will be set this year. It is their will whether to advance to high school or to continue their study at vocational education centers.

– No exams will be organized to promote school students to the next grade. Instead, students’ performance will be assessed based on the results of the first semester of the school year.

– Universities are encouraged to organize final and graduate exams and graduation ceremonies after August 15.

– The scheduled date of nationwide general entrance exams for high school graduates remains the same on July 2-5 and universities’ admission process is set on July 8-9.

– All high school graduates taking general entrance exams to universities are required to pass exam of Mongolian language and traditional script. However, this year, all students will be permitted to enter into universities without them. This year, 28,500 students will graduate high schools and as of today, 28,155 students are registered to take general entrance exams.

All schools and universities in the country have been closed since late January in order to prevent from the spread of COVID-19 pandemic in the country.


Ulaanbaatar /14 April 2020/

source: www.montsame.mn

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