The City of Banjul – An Update on COVID-19

To boost The Gambia’s preparedness, UN The Gambia (through WHO) and Ministry of Health,   have put in place proper mechanisms including thermal cameras at the airport to ensure everyone entering the country is well screened. Lifesaving medical equipment worth over D500, 000,000 ($10,000,000) has also been received from the World Bank. This will assist on the delivery quality services to improve the health of women and children especially Newborn babies. The following data represents the present scenario

New Cases:                               0


RECOVERED:                         2

DEATHS:                                  1

The Municipality of Banjul is on a rigorous sensitization campaign following the launching of the Banjul COVID-19 Sensitization Team. This team is made up of Council staff and a coalition of Civil Society Organizations in Banjul. With a thorough knowledge of World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines and in line with the guiding principles of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, the team has successfully carried out the following;

  • Information dissemination within the City (Audiovisual, community outreach activities, distribution of handouts and posters).
  • Provisions of sanitizers and hand washing facilities to all public places within the City of Banjul.

The Municipality has also launched the ‘Banjul Relief Initiative’. This initiative is geared towards feeding the entire households of Banjul as a result of the state of public emergency declared by The Gambian government which calls for people to stay indoors and also to observe social distancing.

The city of Banjul has been able to combat COVID 19 in by making sure that its citizens adhere to keeping a healthy lifestyle such as washing of the hands as frequently as one can. They have also been keen in responding to calls for social distancing and avoid public gatherings. In this regard schools, universities, places of worship, and non-essential shops and sporting facilities and a host of other places where people assemble have been closed. The public transportation system has also been downsized and most people have been asked to work from home and institutions asked to limit their staff.

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