Seoul Opens Application for Disaster Emergency Living Expenses Starting March 30

Seoul will provide “disaster emergency living expenses” to support the living stability of citizens who have been affected by COVID-19. Application submissions will begin on March 30, and support will be given seven days after submission via mobile Seoul Love Gift Certificates or prepaid cards. In regard to this, the city has offered a general introduction to various methods of application, payment processes, and overall use.

First, the SMG fully enforced the “online 5-day rotation system,” which is identical to the 5-day rotation system for purchasing masks, to prevent a flood of application submissions and strictly practice “social distancing.”

•Online submission: Online submissions can be made on the SMG Welfare Portal ( Applicants can make submissions on the designated day depending the last number of their birth year. For example, individuals whose birth years end in either a 1 or a 6 will apply on Monday while birth years that end in a 2 or a 7 will apply on Tuesday. The birth year number system will be applied on weekends (Mon.-Fri.), and all citizens can apply online on weekends (Sat.-Sun.).

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday Saturday Sunday
1·6 2·7 3·8 4·9 5·0 All citizens

•Visiting submission: For seniors and the disabled who struggle with Internet use and movement, the city will operate “visiting submissions.” Applicants can request a visit via the 120 Dasan Call Center or the community service center in their region to be visited by support personnel such as the Our Neighborhood manager or the head of the tong with applications.

•On-site submission: Citizens who are unsuccessful in submitting the application online can visit the community service center from April 16(Thurs.)–May 15 (Fri.) to apply.

To practice “social distancing,” the 5-day rotation system will also be enforced for on-site submissions, not just online submissions. At the same time, to disperse the number of applicants and lessen concerns of infection, “visiting and moving windows” will be operated at apartment management offices, park management offices, and schools.

•Payment: In consideration to the urgency of the situation, speedy payment will be a priority as part of the “payment first, verification later” principle. Payment will be made first with the approved minimal proof, and detailed examinations will be made thereafter. Those who do not satisfy the criteria for support will be required to redeem the support sum.

※ Criteria chart for 100% of median income (Unit: KRW)

Category 1-person household 2-person household 3-person household 4-person household 5-person household 6-person household
Median Income
1,757,194 2,991,980 3,870,577 4,749,174 5,627,771 6,506,368

•Use: Payments will be made via the “Seoul Love Gift Certificate (mobile)” and “prepaid card” which can be used instantly after reception to help the suffering citizens breathe again. Those who choose the “Seoul Love Gift Certificate” will receive the benefit of an additional 10% in support for a total of KRW 330,000 for KRW 300,000, KRW 440,000 for KRW 400,000, and KRW 550,000 for KRW 500,000.



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