Policy for people to combat COVID-19

*  Special control measures for people from abroad.

 Korean Governments have implemented Special entry procedure for people from abroad. Sejong City is implementing Special Control measures for people from abroad.

 Through this measurements, all the people from abroad are tested and regardless of test result all of them are put under quarantine for 14 days.

  Any entrants from abroad having tested negative for COVID-19 at first time, will have to get reexamination in order to be release from quarantine.

 Any violator of quarantine order will be subject to the punitive measures.


*  Control for people being self-quarantined

 People being self-quarantined should download an “Self-quarantine safety app” on cell phone.   They ought to get self-check up for COVID-19 twice a day to make sure that they are not infected and this is transmitted to the officials designated man-to-man for the self-quarantined.

 If self-quarantined person informs such symptoms like fever or coughs, the official will immediately contact him or her and arranges for concentrated care.

 Moreover, this app is able to check whether self-quarantined remains at the shelter in place where he or she must stay during quarantined period.

 This app help both self-quarantined to observe the quarantine order and public officials to control them efficiently and effectively.


* Social distancing campaign(For all of us)

 Sejong city encourages residents to specially care personal sanitary practices including hand washing and wearing face mask.

 This campaign means making changes in everyday routines in order to minimize close contact with others including: avoiding crowded places and non-essential gathering, avoiding common greeting, such as handshakes etc.

 Public officials from time to time patrol Sport facilities, Internet cafes, Karaoke bars etc, so as to check whether they are observant the special control measures. The universities in the city is open not until May to come.

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