Mayors address to the citizens of Prishtina – Shpend Ahmeti

“Restrictive measures are taken to reduce social contacts, not to stop them completely because this is impossible. The thought that everything should be stopped and the thought that nothing should be stopped are two extremes, one impracticable and the other unhealthy.

From other countries’ experiences with restrictions, the idea is to reduce contact in order to slow down the rapid spread of the virus. This means that not all of us will have the virus at the peak of the spread, but only a small percentage of the population. The goal is to protect vulnerable groups such as the elderly.

Implementation of protective measures and prevention of the spread of COVID-19 by disinfecting all administrative facilities of the Municipality of Prishtina continues.

We will not stop life at a standstill. But we can all do much just by staying home. Please, if you do not need to go out, #stayHome. Life goes on, but the less unnecessary social contact, the better.

Extra caution in this situation helps us protect ourselves and others!”

#stayHome ????

Mayor of Prishtina

Mr. Shpend Ahmeti

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