PARIS – Press Release [Mayor Hidalgo gives an update on COVID-19 situation in Paris]

Starting noon on March 17th, in compliance with the government instructions staying home is the basic rule for everyone.

I am grateful to all the Parisians for strictly abiding by these instructions to contain the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic. This is a public health imperative.


My thoughts go to the patients and their families; I also wish to extend my sincere gratitude to healthcare workers who are putting in countless hours to save people’s lives.


From now on, people are expected to leave home, for essentials activities only and strictly, such as commuting to work for those who cannot do otherwise, groceries shopping, visiting your doctor or your chemist, or for compelling family reasons. Outdoor sports individually, near one’s home, and walking one’s dog remain possible.


Food markets remain open. I have issued strict and firm stall spacing guidelines to be followed. It is more vital than ever that we maintain a minimum distance and comply with all the other barrier gestures recommended by public health authorities. These rules will be reminded at the entrance of markets.


To ease doctors, nurses and all healthcare professional task, parking in Paris will be free. Health personnel are also entitled to park in parking spaces reserved to delivery.


In the event of an increased in the number of patients, I have asked Mayors of each arrondissement to provide general practitioners with waiting rooms when the space in their original office proves insufficient.


As for the care of homeless people, we have opened today an additional gymnasium. I have proposed to the relevant State agencies that 14 additional gymnasiums be made available. I have also requested that hotel rooms be made available to NGOs sheltering families with children. Finally, I have requested that municipal school canteens be permitted to prepare daily meals for humanitarian associations. Throughout the health crisis, all municipal bath and shower establishments will remain open.


For the record, yesterday the City of Paris provided Parisian doctors, nurses and health workers with 500.000 masks to protect them and their patients. An additional batch was given to Parisian public hospitals (AP-HP).


Efforts of municipal services are now focusing their attention on Parisians’ essential needs, namely garbage collection, municipal police, care for the elderly, and more specifically the delivery of meals, Maternal and Child Protection (MCP), support for patients in municipal health centers, emergency accommodation, social assistance for children, registrar and funeral services, as well as care centers, schools and colleges mobilized since Monday for the care of health workers’ children.


Anne Hidalgo

Mayor of Paris

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