In view of the heightened risk of importation of COVID-19 cases into Singapore, all short-term visitors will now not be allowed to enter or transit through Singapore. This is also to conserve resources so we can focus on Singaporeans. 

2.      Previously, except for a handful of countries, short-term visitors from elsewhere were allowed to come into Singapore, save they were issued a 14-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN) upon arrival. This meant, however, that resources were being expended to serve and enforce SHNs on them, and if they fell ill, to provide them with medical treatment. Yesterday, there were still 533 short-term visitors arriving in Singapore.

3.      There has been a further sharp increase in cases globally and widening spread. To date, there are more than 260,000 COVID-19 cases across 185 countries, and around 11,200 deaths. In Singapore, almost 80 percent of our new COVID-19 cases over the past [1] three days were imported, most of them Singapore residents and Long Term Pass holders returning home from abroad. These imported cases had travel histories to 22 different countries.

No entry or transit through Singapore for all short-term visitors, with limited entry for work pass holders

4.        From 23 March 2020, 2359 hours, all short-term visitors (from anywhere in the world) will not be allowed to enter or transit through Singapore. Furthermore the Ministry of Manpower will only allow the entry/ return of work pass holders [2], including their dependents, for those providing essential services, such as in healthcare and transport.

5.         As previously announced, all Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and Long Term Pass holders [3] returning to Singapore will be issued a 14-day SHN. [4] Persons under SHN must remain in their place of residence at all times.

6.        The Singapore-Malaysia Special Working Committee has agreed that Malaysians with Singapore work permits will continue to be able to work in Singapore during this period, with appropriate accommodation arrangements. The transport of all types of goods between Malaysia and Singapore will also be facilitated. Discussions in the Committee are ongoing.

7.        Singapore’s border control measures in relation to COVID-19 are summarised in the Annex.

8.        As Singapore’s measures will be adjusted according to the evolving global situation, Singaporeans should check the Ministry of Health’s website ( for the latest measures.


22 MARCH 2020


List of Countries/Regions and Border Control Measures


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